Trustfire T90R Flashlight ,4800 Lumen ,1600 Meters


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  • SUPER BRIGHT: Max 4800 lumens brightness. Extremely bright and powerful lumens.
  • LONG BEAM RANGE: 1600 meters longest beam range.
  • TYPE-C RECHARGEABLE: TYPE-C charging port with more compatibility and faster charging.
  • TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT: Sturdy and durable. With robust body.
  • MOMENTARY ON FUNCTION: on/off button on the top which also has a half-press option. This allows you to creat your strobing effect with the flashlight by rapidly tapping the button.
  • IP68 DUSTPROOF WATERPROOF: Functionality in a wide scope of temperature and weather. Water-resistant.
  • 4 MODES WITH STROBE: Low mode(35LM/112 hours/140M/4900cd); Medium mode(350LM/26 hours/429m/46010cd); High mode(1200LM/4.2 hours/736m/135424cd); Turbo mode(4800LM/100 minutes/1600M/640000cd); Strobe: 4800LM
  • BATTERY INDICATOR: Green(100%-50%), Yellow(50%-20%), Red(20%-5%), Flashing red(5%-1%)
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1 x T90R tactical flashlight, 1 x Trustfire battery, 1 x USB cable, 1 x Lanyard, 2 x O-rings, 1 x user manual, 1 x packing box


In stock


TrustFire T90R Flashlight Description

Brad at Plaza Cameras checked this TrustFire torch out and its the strongest and brightest one he has come across as of Dec 2022.

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T90R tactical flashlight

TrustFire T90R 4800 Lumens LED Tactical Flashlight, 1600M Beam Range Light

T90R is an extremely high brightness super and long range-throw rechargeable tactical flashlight. It uses one LMNS SBT-90 LED, max 4800 lumens brightness, and 1600 meters longest range. T90R is powered by a customized Trustfire battery which can be charged directly via TYPE-C charging cable without unscrewing the flashlight’s body. It also comes with a strobe and battery power indicator function. T90R is very suitable for a variety of outdoor lighting activities such as military and police tactics, outdoor search, and expeditions.

Product Features:

1. Max 4800 lumens brightness and 1600 meters longest beam distance

2.Using the international patent latest generation LED, life of 50000 hours

3.Built-in intelligent temperature control system to prevent overheating during the use of the flashlight, improve the user comfort level 5. Constant current circuit, constant brightness, gear memory

4. Constant current circuit, constant brightness

5. The side button can adjust the brightness level, and there is a low voltage indicator at the bottom

6. Anti-reverse connection design to prevent the battery from being installed reversely and causing harm to the circuit

7.Non-slip flashlight body design

8.Made of aerospace aluminum material and the surface is with military grade III hard anodizing anti-wear treatment

9. Use double-sided anti-reflection coating tempered glass lens to effectively reduce light loss. 99% light transmittance

10.Size: 265mm (tube length) × 70.2mm (head diameter) × 29.5mm (body diameter)

11.Net weight: 345.8g (exclude battery)

tactical tail button

Professional Dual Switch Tactical Flashlight

  • ON/OFF
  1. When the light is off, hold down the tail tactical switch to turn on the flashlight.
  2. When the light is off, press the tail switch slightly for a tactical turn on(monentary on), when you release the button the light will be turned off.
  • Change Mode
  1. When the light is on, click the side button to change modes in sequence of low mode – medium mode – high mode – turbo mode.
  • Strobe Mode
  1. When the light is on, long-press the side button for 1.5s to enter strobe mode(2 seconds frequency). Press and release the side button to return to the nomal mode.
  • Memory Mode
  1. The light will memorize the current working mode automatically.



Product Parameters

  • Low mode: 35LM(112 hours running time/ 140 meters beam range/4900 cd)
  • Medium mode: 350LM(26 hours/429 meters/46010 cd)
  • High mode: 1200LM/4.2 hours/736 meters/135424 cd)
  • Turbo mode: 4800LM/100 minutes/1600 meters/640000cd)
  • Strobe: 4800LM


good for hunting

Perfect for Hunting Searching and Rescue

T90R is very suitable for a variety of outdoor lighting activities such as military and police tactics, outdoor search, and expeditions.

  • Attention
  1. The brightness of the flashlight is extremely powerful, please do not look at illuminate to avoid any possible visual damage.
  2. When the flashlight is running in the extremely high mode, it will cause lots of got, so we have designed temperature control system inside to avoid rapid overheating of the flashlight.
  3. Please use high-quality batteries. If the flashlight is not used for a long time, please take out the battery from the flashlight.


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