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Tamron 35-150mm F/2-2.8 for Nikon Z

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Fast F2 to F2.8 lens

Nikon Z Mount

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Tamron 35-150mm F2.8 Nikon Z mount

Introducing the world’s first F2 all-in-one full-frame mirrorless travel zoom lens: the 35-150mm F/2-2.8 Di III VXD (Model A058). Covering a range from 35mm wide angle to 150mm telephoto, it’s the pioneer in achieving F2 aperture at the wide angle for full-frame mirrorless cameras. This versatile lens is perfect for capturing diverse scenes like natural beauty, cityscapes, architecture, interiors, and more during your travels—no need to switch lenses or change your distance from the subject. With its groundbreaking fast-aperture and high-speed, high-precision VXD focus mechanism, it ensures swift and accurate autofocusing. The design includes an innovative Connector Port on the lens barrel, allowing easy customization through TAMRON Lens Utility and firmware updates. From wide angle to telephoto, the 35-150mm F2-2.8 empowers photographers to artistically capture a variety of scenes while traveling, offering exceptional resolving power and flexibility for turning your visions into reality.

Create beautiful, soft bokeh with the large, best-in-class F2-2.8 aperture

The 35-150mm F2-2.8 boasts four LD lens elements and three GM lens elements that minimize aberrations, ensuring remarkable optical performance for capturing captivating travel scenes. With a wide aperture of F2 at the wide-angle and F2.8 at the telephoto, it delivers lush bokeh and clear subject capture. This fast aperture aids in controlling motion blur and reducing noise, even on high-resolution mirrorless cameras, resulting in edge-to-edge sharpness across the frame.

The 35-150mm F/2-2.8 Di III VXD (Model A058) enables you to capture everything from the wide angle to telephoto imagery with a single lens

Covering focal lengths from 35mm wide angle to 150mm telephoto, this lens replaces multiple singles ones for travel convenience. No need to switch lenses – seamlessly capture various scenes, from 85mm semi-telephoto to 150mm distance, all while utilizing 35mm and 50mm focal lengths. Change composition without altering distance. With a 4.3x zoom ratio, our design focuses on portability and compactness, while achieving an impressive F2-2.8 specification.

Capture sharp, crisp images with high speed and high precision autofocus

Utilizing the VXD linear motor focus, this lens enables quick and precise focusing from MOD to infinity, even at F2 aperture. Its accuracy excels in focus tracking for capturing rapid subject movements. This motor also ensures quiet operation, vital for noise-free stills and video in noise-sensitive environments.

TAMRON Lens Utility expands the possibilities of still photography and video shooting

The 35-150mm F2-2.8 zoom lens is compatible with TAMRON Lens Utility software, enabling direct firmware updates and enhancing focusing operations for both images and video. This wide range of functions, such as A-B Focus for shifting between pre-set points, expands creative possibilities. Users can select Linear or Non-linear focus shifts during manual focusing.

2 To connect your PC and lens, use the TAMRON Connection Cable (USB Type-A to Type-C/ Model CC-150, or USB Type-C to Type-C/ Model CC-350) sold separately.
To connect your smartphone and lens, use the TAMRON Connection Cable (USB Type-C to Type-C/ Model CC-350) sold separately.

3 Lens firmware updates are not supported with the Mobile version. Performing firmware updates requires the TAMRON Lens Utility for PC and a computer.

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