Sony Mini DV Cassette Tape


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  • High Performance Tape for Mini DV System
  • 60 Minutes of Recording In SP mode
  • 90 Minutes of Recording In LP mode
  • High Density Digital Video Recording
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In stock


Mini DV tapes work with Sony, Canon, JVC, Panasonic, Sharp, Hitachi and many other video camera from the 90s. Stocks are very limited so don’t wait and then find out stock has sold out. Please note that these are no longer in production so once gone they are gone.

So If you have an Older tape video camera get it going with one of these tapes (Cassette’s). Most of the older cameras had 2 modes in them one called SP and one called LP. SP was standard play and you would get 60 minutes of recording time. If you put the camera in LP mode  that was Long Play you can get up to 90 minutes of recording time.

So go retro with you mum or dads older video camera and get a new tape so you don’t record over there recording of you from when you were young.

The Sony DVM 60 Minute DVC  Video Cassette is designed for use with DVC camcorders. The tape can be used in both SP and LP mode. It uses metal evaporation tape technology.

High Performance Mini DV Tape

Created for Mini DV systems, the Cassette tape provides an approximate recording time 60 minutes in Standard recording and 90min in Long Play recording. An advanced tape design means exceptionally low error rates and excellent performance that’s capable of handling high density digital video recording.

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Tape Format Mini DV
Tape Length 230.9′ / 70.4 m
Recording Time DV-LP: 90 Minutes
DVCAM: 40 Minutes
HDV/DV-SP: 60 Minutes
Coating Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)
Packaging Non-Locking Case