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SiOnyx Aurora Pro Night Vision Camera

*Special Order Only, typically ships within two days*

  • Extreme Low-Light 720p Video & Photos
  • Augmented Reality / Team Mode
  • IP67 Water-Resistance/Dustproof Rating
  • Supports up to 256GB microSD Card
  • GPS, Accelerometer & Compass
  • Color or Monochrome Recording
  • 7.5, 15, 24, 30, 60 fps, Time-Lapse
  • Live Stream with iOS/Android Aurora App
  • Certified for Weapons Use / Loop Mode
  • Includes 32GB microSD Card & 2 Batteries



SiOnyx Aurora Pro Night Vision Camera

Introducing the SiOnyx Aurora Pro Night Vision Camera – where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled performance in the world of digital night vision optics. As the flagship model in the Aurora line, the Aurora Pro sets a new standard in full-color night vision, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in low-light and starlit environments.



This advanced night vision camera is meticulously engineered to excel even in the darkest conditions, making it the ultimate choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Designed with durability and versatility in mind, the Aurora Pro is more than just a night vision camera; it’s a powerful tool for various applications.

Law enforcement agencies worldwide have embraced the Aurora Pro, leveraging its exceptional capabilities for surveillance, evidence gathering, and more. With its ability to see further into the darkness spectrum, it’s your go-to choice for reliable color night vision.

The Aurora Pro boasts Augmented Reality and Team modes, supporting the collaboration and coordination of your team members, enhancing your operational efficiency. You can capture your surroundings with precision and detail, whether it’s extreme low-light, starlight, or broad daylight. The camera offers multiple shooting modes, including 720p video at various frame rates and 0.9MP still photos, ensuring you always have the right tool for the job.



What sets the Aurora Pro apart is its adaptable optics, featuring a 16mm lens with selectable aperture settings, ensuring the best image quality in varying light conditions. It even supports recoil-activated capture in Loop mode, so you never miss a crucial moment.

The Aurora Pro is certified for weapons use and is water-resistant, with an IP67 rating, making it suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities, from hunting to boating. With up to two hours of runtime on a single charge, you can count on the Aurora Pro to be your trusty companion in the field.

In summary, the SiOnyx Aurora Pro Night Vision Camera is a true game-changer, combining cutting-edge technology, versatility, and rugged durability. Whether you’re in law enforcement, the military, or an outdoor enthusiast, this camera ensures you capture every moment, even in the most challenging lighting conditions. Elevate your night vision experience with the Aurora Pro and see the world in a whole new light.

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