Silent Dry Wrappie + Rechargeable Dehumidifier Stone for Lens


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  • Dehumidifier stone with TPV protective casing
  • Comprehensive moisture protection for your gear
  • Built-in humidity dry/ wet, colour-changing indicator
  • Rechargeable in Microwave (200/300w defrost mode, save on electricity cost when compared to recharging in an oven) or oven at 150°
  • Patented Nano Porous Silicon material.
  • Perfect for camera box/ bag, toolbox, storage area
  • Protect your photography, electronics, camping, athletic gear, clothing, and safes, from moisture, mould, and fungus growth.


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Silent Dry Wrappie + Rechargeable Dehumidifier Stone for Lens

The Silent Dry Wrappie Rechargeable Dehumidifier Stone for lenses is the ultimate solution for protecting your valuable equipment from moisture damage. This innovative dehumidifier stone is designed with a TPV protective casing, making it versatile and easy to use. It provides comprehensive moisture protection, ensuring that your lens remains safe from mould, fungus, and moisture-related damage.

Key Features:

  • TPV Protective Casing. The sturdy TPV casing ensures durability and protection.s.
  • Humidity Indicator. The built-in humidity dry/wet indicator changes colour to reflect the current moisture level, allowing you to monitor and manage humidity effectively.
  • Rechargeable Convenience. This dehumidifier can be easily recharged in a microwave using the 200/300w defrost mode, saving on electricity costs compared to traditional oven recharging. Alternatively, it can be recharged in an oven at 150°.
  • Patented Nano Porous Silicon Material. The advanced material can handle confined space, making it ideal for camera boxes, bags, toolboxes, and other storage areas.
  • Wide Range of Applications. Perfect for protecting photography equipment, electronics, camping gear, athletic gear, clothing, and safes from moisture, mould, and fungus growth.


  • Dimensions: 11 x 6.5 x 2 cm
  • Material: Nano Porous Silicon, TPV
  • Net Weight: 90g ±10%
  • Volume of Absorption: 7g ±10% per cycle (25°C, 85%RH)
  • Working Space: Effective for one lens
  • Colour: Black


The Silent Dry Wrappie + Rechargeable Dehumidifier Stone for Lenses is an essential accessory for anyone needing reliable moisture protection for their gear. Its compact design, combined with efficient moisture absorption and easy recharging options, makes it a versatile and cost-effective solution. Whether you’re safeguarding your photography equipment, electronics, or other valuable items, this dehumidifier stone ensures your gear stays dry and in optimal condition. Invest in the Silent Dry Wrappie + today and enjoy peace of mind, knowing it protects your belongings from moisture damage.


Protect your gear from moisture with the Silent Dry Waappie + Rechargeable Dehumidifier Stone. Compact, efficient, and easy to recharge.


Video on how to recharge

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