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Seculine ProDisk II White Balance Gray Card


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  • Colour balance card + white balance filter + grey card – three functions in one product
  • Before & after white balance compensation and exposure adjustment
  • Versatile functions in a small package
  • Neck strap for convenient portability



In stock


Seculine ProDisk II White Balance Gray Card

Introducing the Seculine ProDisk II White Balance Gray Card—a must-have tool for precise color accuracy and optimal exposure in DSLR photography. It eliminates post-processing hassle by getting white balance and exposure right from the start. Its compact design combines three essential functions in one package, making it convenient for photographers on the go.

The ProDisk II features a dual-sided design for versatility. One side has a grey card for reliable spot metering and perfect exposure. The other side has a color checker disc with Gretag Macbeth-style patches for accurate color calibration.

It also includes a translucent white balance filter, similar to the ExpoDisc, for precise white balance measurement and setting, ensuring faithful color reproduction and eliminating color casts.

While the ProDisk II attaches easily to a lanyard for quick access, its metal design may produce some noise and draw attention. However, the immense benefits it brings to your photography workflow overshadow this minor drawback.

Take control of color and exposure with the Seculine ProDisk II White Balance Gray Card. Whether a professional or enthusiast, this indispensable device empowers you to capture stunning images with true-to-life colors and impeccable exposure, saving valuable time and effort in post-processing.

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