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Rode Charge Case for Wireless Go II


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  • Custom case for Wireless GO II system.
  • Fits two transmitters and a receiver.
  • Two extra recharges for 21 hours of usage.
  • Durable case with a secure zip closure.
  • Charging status LEDs for easy monitoring.
  • Built-in battery for convenient power.
  • Keep gear organized and safe on the move.
  • User guide included for easy setup.


In stock


Rode Charge Case for Wireless GO II

Power and Protection on the Move

Introducing the Rode Charge Case for Wireless GO II—an indispensable companion for content creators, filmmakers, and professionals who demand reliability on the go. This custom charging case enhances your workflow by safeguarding and powering your Wireless GO II gear, ensuring you’re always ready to capture the perfect audio moment.

Key Features:

1. Custom Charging Convenience: Tailored exclusively for the Wireless GO II, this charging case accommodates two transmitters and a receiver. It’s designed with precision to ensure a snug fit, keeping your valuable equipment secure and organized.

2. Extended Runtime: Equipped with a built-in battery, the Charge Case provides two extra recharges, extending your Wireless GO II usage to an impressive 21 hours. Say goodbye to interruptions and focus on what you do best—capturing outstanding content.

3. Durable and Protective Design: Crafted with durability in mind, the Charge Case features a robust exterior and a secure zip closure. Whether you’re navigating a bustling set or exploring outdoor locations, your gear remains protected from the elements.

4. Charging Status LEDs: Stay informed about your gear’s charging status with the built-in LED indicators. Easy monitoring ensures you can plan your shoots effectively and avoid unexpected power challenges.

User-Friendly Guide Included: The package includes a user guide that provides comprehensive instructions on using the case, the battery recharge process, and interpreting LED indicators. It’s your go-to resource for maximizing the potential of the Rode Charge Case.


Elevate your audio game with the Rode Charge Case for Wireless GO II. Custom-designed, durable, and equipped with extended runtime, this charging case keeps your gear organized, protected, and always ready for action.


For professionals seeking a seamless audio experience, the Rode Charge Case for Wireless GO II is a game-changer. It not only offers a secure and organized storage solution but also ensures that your gear remains powered throughout extended shoots. With its durable construction, extended runtime, and user-friendly features, this charging case is an essential tool for content creators who demand excellence in every recording. Stay powered, stay organized, and elevate your audio capabilities with the Rode Charge Case for Wireless GO II.


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Battery Type
Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Battery Capacity
4200 mAH
Power Requirements
5V/3A (Maximum)
Charging Time
Approx. 2 hours
Charge Current
3A (max)

1 x RX

2 x TX

Weight (grams)

175g (case only)

270g (with Wireless GO II)

Dimensions (millimetres)

Length: 78mm

Width: 98mm

Height: 71mm