Pop up Flash Diffuser Cover


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  • Even Density Exposures
  • Soft Wrap-Around Light
  • Easy to Use
  • Reduce Shadows and Red-Eye



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Pop-up Flash Diffuser Cover

Elevate Your Photography with Soft, Even Lighting

The Pop-up Flash Diffuser Cover is your secret weapon for achieving professional-looking photos with even density exposures. This compact accessory enhances your flash’s performance, creating soft, wrap-around light that minimizes shadows and eliminates the red-eye effect. Elevate your photography with this easy-to-use diffuser that fits seamlessly over your existing flash.

Key Features:

Even Density Exposures: Create exposures with consistent density across the entire film, giving your photos a polished, professional look. The diffuser disperses light evenly, ensuring every detail is beautifully captured.

Soft Wrap-Around Light: Tilt the flash with the diffuser at 45 degrees to achieve a soft wrap-around light effect, casting a gentle shadow behind the subject. This technique adds depth and dimension to your photos.

Easy to Use: No cumbersome attachments or hooks needed. The diffuser effortlessly fits over the head of your existing flash, making it a user-friendly accessory for photographers of all levels. Experience the difference without any hassle.

Reduce Shadows and Red-Eye: Say goodbye to harsh background shadows and the annoying red-eye effect. The diffuser spreads light over a wider area, producing a softer, more balanced effect that enhances the overall quality of your images.

Compatibility: Suitable for Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and DSLR cameras . Enjoy the versatility of this diffuser across various camera models.


  • Dimensions: 87 x 41 mm
  • Weight: 38g
  • Package Weight: 47g
  • Colour: Blue, White, Orange


“Enhance your photography with the Pop-up Flash Diffuser Cover. Achieve even density exposures, soft wrap-around light, and eliminate shadows and red-eye. Easy to use and compatible with major camera brands.”


The Pop-up Flash Diffuser Cover is a must-have accessory for photographers seeking professional-quality lighting effects. Its simplicity of use, compatibility with popular camera brands, and ability to soften light make it an invaluable tool for photographers looking to elevate their craft. Unleash your creativity and capture stunning images with this compact and effective flashdiffuser.

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