Phottix 6kg Sandbag ( Medium ) (sand not included)


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  • Holds up to 6 kg
  • Ships Empty
  • Double Zippered
  • Saddlebag Design
  • Hand Strap
  • Side Clip and Loop


In stock


Phottix 6kg Sandbag ( Medium )

Photography in outdoor settings presents unique challenges, but with the Phottix 6kg Sandbag (Medium), you can keep your lights and modifiers firmly in place. This sandbag, part of the Stay-Put Sandbag II series, is designed to offer maximum stability and ease of use.

Robust Capacity:

This sandbag is not just a companion; it’s a reliable anchor for your equipment. Despite shipping empty, it has the capacity to hold up to 6 kg of sand or any other substantial material. This ensures that your lights and modifiers stay firmly grounded, even in windy conditions.

Double Zippered for Efficiency:

Filling your sandbag is a breeze with the double zippered design. Each side can be filled separately, allowing for a more straightforward and efficient filling process. This thoughtful design enhances the functionality of the sandbag, making it a practical accessory for any photographer.

Saddlebag Design for Enhanced Stability:

The saddlebag structure of the Phottix sandbag adds an extra layer of stability. It distributes the weight evenly, preventing any imbalance and ensuring that your setup remains secure and steadfast.

Convenient Transport with Hand Strap:

Ease of transport is a key feature. The sandbag features a durable hand strap, making it convenient for carrying and repositioning as needed during your shoot.

Connect Multiple Sandbags:

Enhance stability further by connecting multiple sandbags. The sandbag features both a clip and loop on the side, enabling you to link several together. This is particularly useful for larger setups, adding an extra layer of security.


In conclusion, the Phottix 6kg Sandbag (Medium) is a reliable companion for photographers who demand stability in various shooting conditions. Its robust capacity, double zippered design, saddlebag structure, and convenient features like the hand strap make it an essential tool for outdoor photography. Keep your equipment securely anchored and focus on capturing the perfect shot with confidence, knowing the dependable Phottix Stay-Put Sandbag II supports your gear.

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