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  • Allows for Quick Separation from Camera
  • Use as Neck, Shoulder, Cross-Body Strap
  • 82.8 to 145cm Adjustable Length
  • Comfortable Nylon Webbing
  • Durable & Versatile Camera Connectors
  • Low-Profile Anchor Mount
  • Twist Resistant, Soft Pouch


In stock



Introducing the Peak Design Leash Strap in Midnight—a versatile and innovative camera accessory that revolutionizes the way you carry and handle your camera. Designed for photographers of all levels, this Leash Camera Strap offers convenience and flexibility like no other.

At the heart of its functionality are the included Anchor Links. These cleverly engineered attachments allow you to swiftly detach your camera from the strap. This enables you to seamlessly transition to a tripod or effortlessly connect another camera to the same strap. Each Anchor Link boasts an impressive 90kg rating, ensuring a secure connection to a strap eyelet on various camera models.

Crafted from durable and twist-resistant nylon webbing, the Peak Design Leash can be utilized as a neck or shoulder strap. It also transforms into a cross-body strap, accommodating right- and left-handed users comfortably.

What sets this camera strap apart is the smart design of its Anchor Mount, which leverages your camera’s 1/4″-20 bottom accessory thread to create an additional connection point. By employing this feature along with a single strap eyelet, your camera can be positioned to consistently face forward against your hip. This significantly reduces the time required to raise your camera to your eye and capture the perfect shot, maximizing your efficiency and readiness.

The Peak Design Leash Strap is also exceptionally user-friendly, thanks to the integrated adjustment loops. These loops allow you to swiftly change the length of the strap while you’re using it.

Whether you are a professional photographer on a shoot or a casual enthusiast capturing precious moments, this strap adapts to your needs. The included hex key facilitates easy attachment and detachment of the Anchor Mount.


In conclusion, the Peak Design Leash Strap in midnight is the epitome of practicality and ingenuity. Experience the freedom of movement and peace of mind knowing your camera is secure and ready to capture. Elevate your photography game with this essential camera accessory that combines form, function, and versatility in one elegant package.

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