Peak Design Clutch Camera Hand Strap CL-2


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Compatible with any DSLR (or SLR) camera, including large full-frame bodies and cameras with battery grips.


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Peak Design Clutch Camera Hand Strap: Secure Your Grip, Capture Every Moment

Elevate your photography game with the Peak Design Clutch Camera Hand Strap, offering unrivaled security and accessibility for your camera. Designed to be the world’s first quick-connecting and quick-adjusting hand strap, the Clutch ensures that your camera stays firmly in your hand while providing easy access to essential controls.

Crafted with premium materials inspired by high-end climbing gear, the Clutch features a durable Hypalon® exterior, a comfortable microfiber pad, and sleek aluminum adjuster hardware. This combination of materials not only ensures longevity but also provides a luxurious feel during use.

The ultra-strong Anchors of the Clutch are built to withstand over 200 lbs (90 kg), offering peace of mind even when using the largest professional cameras. These anti-abrasion thermoplastic-corded Anchors provide secure attachment points, allowing you to shoot with confidence in any situation.

Key Features:

  • Quick-connecting and quick-adjusting design for seamless usability.
  • Hypalon® exterior, microfiber pad, and aluminum adjuster hardware for durability and comfort.
  • Out-of-the-box compatibility with Arca-type tripods and the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip.
  • Anti-abrasion thermoplastic-corded Anchors capable of withstanding over 200 lbs (90 kg).


The Peak Design Clutch Camera Hand Strap redefines comfort, convenience, and security in photography. With its innovative design, premium materials, and unparalleled strength, it offers photographers of all levels the confidence to capture every moment with ease. Whether you’re shooting in the studio or exploring the great outdoors, the Clutch ensures that your camera stays securely in your hand, ready to capture your next masterpiece.

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