Peak Design Clip for Capture v3 (Black)


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  • Peak Design Clip for Capture v3 (Black)
  • Replacement or additional clip for Capture v3 system
  • Withstands forces up to 90.72 kg, ideal for multiple cameras
  • Quick release button for swift access, security lock for safety
  • Slim profile, rust-resistant aluminum construction


In stock


Peak Design Clip for Capture v3 (Black)

Elevate Your Carrying Experience

Enhance your camera-carrying capabilities with the Peak Design Clip for Capture v3 in sleek black. Whether as a replacement or an additional support point, this clip-only accessory transforms your camera-carrying system. With compatibility for straps up to 6.35 cm wide and 2.21 cm thick, it’s a versatile solution that withstands forces up to 90 kg, providing secure and reliable support.

Key Features:

  • Clip Only, Replacement, or Extra Part
  • For Straps up to 6.35 cm Wide & 2.21 cm Thick
  • Withstands Forces up to 90 kg
  • Quick Release Button for Instant Access
  • Slim Profile: 8.38 cm Length, Weighs 70.87 g
  • Security Lock Helps Prevent Accidents
  • Anti-Slip Pad for Improved Stability
  • Rust-Resistant Aluminum Construction

Versatile and Expandable:

Equipping multiple bags or straps with Capture clips opens new possibilities. Carry multiple cameras simultaneously or switch between clips effortlessly for a customized and versatile experience. Note that a plate is not included with this clip and must be purchased separately for complete equipment carrying.

Durable Design, Swift Access:

Crafted from weatherproof aluminum, the clip ensures rust resistance and durability. The quick release button allows instant access to your camera, perfect for on-the-go shooting. The security lock adds peace of mind during longer excursions, preventing accidental releases and safeguarding your gear.

Anti-Slip Stability:

The clip incorporates an anti-slip pad on the backplate, enhancing grip on mounting surfaces for increased stability. This feature ensures that your camera stays securely in place, even in dynamic environments.


In conclusion, the Peak Design Clip for Capture v3 (Black) is a game-changer for photographers seeking adaptability and reliability in their camera-carrying solutions. Its robust design, quick access features, and compatibility with various accessories make it an essential addition to any photographer’s toolkit. Upgrade to Peak Design for a superior carrying experience.

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