Olympus MC-20 2X Teleconverter

  • Further expands the field of photography with super telephoto shooting and super telephoto macro shooting
  • A compact lens system while doubling the focal length
  • Close-ups shots near actual size (0.96x, 35mm equivalent) of small subjects from far away.
  •  Specially designed to offer the superb image quality of the master lens
  • High reliability to capture split-second photo opportunities
  • Features dustproof, splash proof, and freezeproof (-10°C) performance


Olympus MC-20 2X Teleconverter

The Olympus MC-20 makes it possible to shoot near actual size at 0.96x (35mm equivalent) from the maximum shooting magnification of 0.48x. With performance like this, photographers can capture close-up photos from far away. Focus stacking can be utilised to create photos that are in focus across the entire image.

Specially designed to offer the superb image quality of the primary lens A 9-element, 4-group lens construction with an HR lens helps suppress various types of aberrations including chromatic aberration while maintaining the excellent optical performance of the primary lens to double the focal length. The design also helps prevent ghosts and flares for superb imaging performance.

High reliability to capture a split-second photo opportunity. The primary lens is designed to deliver excellent performance even when a teleconverter is attached. This means that there is virtually no loss in autofocus speed. Making it possible to capture split-second photo opportunities with fast AF. The dustproof, splash proof and freezeproof design for shooting in severe environments and the powerful 5-axis image stabilization make for a highly reliable product.

Compatible Lenses:

40-150mm F2.8 PRO

300mm F4.0 IS PRO

150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO (planned to launch in 2020)


Mount Micro Four Thirds
Magnification 2x
Optical Design 9 Elements in 4 Groups
Light Loss 2 Stop
Length 1.02″ / 25.9 mm
Diameter 2.35″ / 59.8 mm
Weight 5.29 oz / 150 g