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Nitecore BR25 Bike Light


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  • Max Output 1400 Lumens
  • Max Beam Distance 163 m
  • Max Beam Intensity 6700 cd
  • Max Runtime 60 h 0 m / 2.5 d


In stock


Nitecore BR25 Bike Light


Allow us to introduce the Nitecore BR25 Bike Light – a potent and versatile companion that not only illuminates your biking adventures but also transforms into a handheld torch for various outdoor activities.

At its core, the BR25 boasts the incredible Luminus SST-40-W LED, delivering an impressive 1400 lumens of radiant light. Whether you’re navigating dark trails on your bike or in need of a robust torch for outdoor pursuits, this bike light has you covered.

In terms of power, the BR25 relies on a 21700 battery, featuring an 8A discharge current. Additionally, we’ve included a NITECORE NL2150R battery with USB-C charging for your convenience. Moreover, you have the option to use a single 18650 battery with an 8A discharge current or two CR123 batteries – ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

What truly sets the BR25 apart is its intelligent design for cycling. Equipped with a white diffuse reflection board, it expertly directs the light to the front wheel area while simultaneously preventing glare for pedestrians and oncoming drivers. Safety is our top priority, and this bike light excels in that aspect.

To further enhance your experience, the BR25 offers four distinct brightness levels. With a quick press of the Power Button, you can seamlessly transition between Low, Mid, High, and Turbo modes. Plus, there’s a handy memory function, ensuring the light starts where you left off. For heightened safety, a warning flashing mode is just a triple press away, greatly improving your visibility on the road.

Should you require an instant burst of power, the BR25 features a direct Turbo mode. A simple double press of the Power Button grants you immediate access to maximum output. To conserve energy, it automatically reverts to your previous brightness level after 30 seconds of inactivity or with a short press.

The Nitecore BR25 Bike Light stands as your dependable companion for thrilling outdoor adventures, providing exceptional illumination and adaptability. Whether you’re on two wheels or exploring the great outdoors, equip your bike with the BR25 and be prepared for any journey, day or night.


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