Neewer Pro Video Fluid Head


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  • Fluid Head
  • 360′ horizontal rotation
  •  -70 to 90 degree vertically
  • Compatible with Manfrotto 501HDV release plates


In stock


Neewer Pro Video Fluid Head

Introducing the Neewer Pro Video Fluid Head, a game-changing accessory designed to bring a new level of precision to your videography. This fluid head is crafted for professionals who seek seamless and controlled camera movements, ensuring every frame is a masterpiece of cinematic excellence.

Smooth Fluid Motion:

Experience buttery-smooth panning and tilting with the Neewer Pro Video Fluid Head. The fluid damping system provides consistent drag across a range of movements, allowing you to achieve professional-looking shots with ease. Whether you’re capturing dynamic action sequences or subtle tracking shots, this fluid head delivers the control you need.

Versatile Compatibility:

Designed for versatility, this fluid head is compatible with a wide range of cameras, from lightweight mirrorless models to heavier cinema cameras. The adjustable counterbalance system ensures that your camera setup is perfectly balanced, providing stability and control for various camera configurations.

Professional Build for Durability:

Crafted with durability in mind, the Neewer Pro Video Fluid Head features a robust construction that withstands the demands of professional video production. The high-quality materials ensure longevity, making it a reliable companion for both studio and on-location shoots.

Quick Release Plate for Efficiency:

Maximize your workflow efficiency with the quick release plate mechanism. The sliding QR plate allows for swift and secure attachment and detachment of your camera, facilitating fast transitions between setups and shots. This feature is crucial for videographers who need to adapt to changing scenes seamlessly.

360-Degree Panorama and Tilt Range:

Achieve creative freedom with a full 360-degree panorama and tilt range. Whether you’re capturing sweeping landscape shots or intricate close-ups, the Neewer Pro Video Fluid Head empowers you to explore your artistic vision with its extensive range of motion.

Bubble Level for Precision:

Ensure level horizons with the built-in bubble level. This feature aids in achieving precise compositions, especially when shooting landscapes or architectural scenes. The bubble level enhances the accuracy of your shots, contributing to the overall professional quality of your videography.

Dual-Handle Operation for Control:

Enhance your control over camera movements with the dual-handle operation. The ergonomic design of the handles allows for comfortable and intuitive adjustments, giving you the flexibility to achieve the perfect framing for your shots.

Silent and Reliable Performance:

Experience silent and reliable performance with the Neewer Pro Video Fluid Head. The smooth fluid damping not only provides exceptional control but does so quietly, ensuring that your audio recordings remain free of unwanted mechanical noise.

In conclusion:

The Neewer Pro Video Fluid Head is an essential tool for videographers who demand precision and control in their craft. With features like smooth fluid motion, versatile compatibility, professional build, quick release plate efficiency, 360-degree panorama, bubble level precision, dual-handle operation, and silent performance, this fluid head is a reliable and versatile companion for achieving cinematic excellence. Elevate your videography to new heights – invest in the Neewer Pro Video Fluid Head today and unlock the full potential of your creative vision.