Manfrotto Pocket Tripod – Compact Camera


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  • Manfrotto Pocket Tripod
  • Ultra-slim compact design
  • All-metal structure for durability
  • Rubber feet for stability on any surface
  • Versatile compatibility with all compact cameras


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Manfrotto Pocket Tripod

Elevate Your Compact Camera Stability

Introducing the Manfrotto Pocket Tripod, a sleek and compact solution for maximizing stability and security for your compact cameras. With its ultra-slim design, this folding tabletop tripod offers a convenient and portable accessory for photographers on the go.

Key Features:

Ultra-Slim Compact Design:

The black Pocket Tripod boasts an ultra-slim and compact design that perfectly fits into the provided storage pouch. This ensures that your camera can be easily packed with the support system installed, making it a travel-friendly essential.

Sturdy All-Metal Structure:

Crafted with an all-metal structure, this pocket support small is built for durability and safety. The robust aluminum construction, coupled with strong springs, provides a steady and secure support system for your compact camera, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

Rubber Feet for Stability:

Equipped with three legs featuring rubber feet, the tripod excels in providing maximum stability on various surfaces. Whether you’re capturing shots on a tabletop or uneven terrain, these rubber feet ensure a secure footing for your camera.

Versatile Compatibility:

Designed to fit compact cameras, the Manfrotto Pocket Tripod comes with a standard attachment screw for effortless camera mounting. Achieve perfect positioning in diverse shooting scenarios with this versatile accessory.


In conclusion, the Pocket Tripod stands as an indispensable accessory for photographers seeking stability and convenience. Its ultra-slim design, durable all-metal structure, and rubber feet for stability make it ideal for various shooting environments. The versatile compatibility ensures a perfect fit for all compact cameras, and its portability adds to the travel-friendly nature of this tripod. Elevate your photography experience with the reliable and compact Manfrotto Pocket Tripod.

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