Lomo Color 110 Type Film, ISO 200, 24Ex

  • 110 Type Film
  • Daylight-Balanced Color Negative Film
  • ISO 200/24° in C-41 Process
  • Fine Grain and High Sharpness
  • Vivid Color Saturation



Lomo Color 110 Type Film

A Splash of Vivid Hues

Unlock the charm of analog photography with Lomo Color 110 Type Film, a versatile daylight balanced film designed for 110 film cameras. With a medium-speed sensitivity of ISO 200/24°, this film boasts a vivid and natural color palette, making it ideal for a range of shooting scenarios.

Key Features:

Vivid Color Palette: Lomo Color 110 Type Film delivers vibrant and natural colors that breathe life into your images. Whether you’re capturing landscapes, portraits, or everyday moments, expect a stunning array of hues that stand out.

Fine Grain Structure: The film’s fine grain structure ensures that your images showcase intricate details without compromising on the overall texture. Every frame tells a story with clarity and precision.

High Sharpness: Sharpness is a hallmark of this film. Enjoy images with crisp details, allowing you to relive the moment with every glance. From the foreground to the background, each element is beautifully rendered.

Versatile Usage: Designed for day-lit conditions, this film excels in various lighting situations. Whether you’re basking in the sunlight or exploring low-light environments with the help of a flash, Lomo Color 110 Type Film adapts effortlessly to your creative vision.

Convenient Cartridge Design: Housed in a user-friendly plastic cartridge, loading and unloading the film is a breeze. The cartridge registers the image as you advance, and the frame number is visible through a rear window. No need for rewinding, making it a straightforward process.

Pre-Exposed Frame Lines: The film comes pre-exposed with frame lines and numbers, streamlining the printing process for photofinishers. This thoughtful feature enhances efficiency and convenience.


Lomo Color 110 Type Film invites you to step into the world of analog photography, where each frame is a canvas for your creativity. This film’s vivid colors, fine grain, and high sharpness make it a reliable companion for capturing vibrant memories.

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