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Lenspen Lens Cleaner


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  • Full-size LensPen® 11cm long with a round cleaning tip measuring 12mm in diameter
  • Cleaning tip is slightly concave to match the slightly convex shape of a lens


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Lenspen Lens Cleaner

Unleash the Power of Clarity

Elevate your optical clarity with the Lenspen Lens Cleaner, the ultimate photography tool designed to keep your lenses pristine. Whether it’s camera lenses, binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, or eyepieces, the Lenspen ensures crystal-clear vision every time. With a retractable dust removal brush and a non-liquid cleaning element, this tool is a must-have for every photographer and optics enthusiast.

Key Features:

1. All-in-One Cleaning Solution:

  • The Lenspen is designed for a variety of optical items, making it a versatile and comprehensive cleaning tool.

2. Retractable Dust Removal Brush:

  • Equipped with a handy retractable brush, the Lenspen ensures a thorough removal of dust and particles before the cleaning process.

3. Non-Liquid Cleaning Element:

  • The special non-liquid cleaning element is formulated never to dry out, providing a reliable and consistent cleaning experience.

4. Safe and Easy to Use:

  • The Lenspen provides a safe and user-friendly cleaning solution, ensuring that you treat your valuable optics with the utmost care.

5. Optimal Size and Design:

  • With a full size of 11cm and a round cleaning tip measuring 12mm in diameter, the Lenspen is designed for ease of use and effective cleaning.


  • Lenspen Lens Cleaner: Optimal Clarity for Your Optical Gear
  • All-in-One Cleaning Solution for Camera Lenses, Binoculars, and More
  • Retractable Dust Removal Brush for Thorough Pre-Cleaning
  • Non-Liquid Cleaning Element for Reliable Performance
  • Safe and Easy-to-Use Solution for Pristine Optics


Discover the ultimate clarity with the Lenspen Lens Cleaner. Versatile, safe, and easy to use, this all-in-one cleaning solution ensures your optical gear remains in pristine condition. Elevate your photography and optics experience.


The Lenspen Lens Cleaner stands as an indispensable tool for maintaining the clarity of your optical equipment. Its comprehensive design, including a retractable dust removal brush and a non-liquid cleaning element, makes it the perfect companion for photographers and optics enthusiasts. Keep your lenses crystal clear with the Lenspen.


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