Larmor Glass Screen Protector for Canon EOS R8 & EOS R50


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  • Ultimate protection for your camera’s LCD screen.
  • Made of 8H optical glass with a six-layer protection system, prevents scratches, dust, and dirt.
  • Electrostatic absorption installation.
  • Anti-crack layer.
  • Touch/swivel screen compatibility.
  • Easy to install and provides superior shock absorbency and scratch protection.
  • Self-adhesive design means no glue or residue left behind.


In stock


Larmor Glass Screen Protector for Canon EOS R8 & EOS R50


Larmor Glass Screen Protector for the Canon EOS R8 & EOS R50 is an excellent choice for protecting your Canon EOS R8 & EOS R50’s LCD screen. It consists of optical glass with 8H surface hardness and tempered treatment, making it highly durable against scratches and impacts. The protector also has anti-explosion and anti-breakage film layers that enhance its strength and protection capabilities.

The protector is ultra-thin, measuring just 0.5mm, and is touch and swivel screen friendly, allowing you to use your camera’s features seamlessly. Moreover, it has a self-adhesive design that attaches to the LCD screen via electrostatic adsorption, enabling fast, easy, and gapless installation without affecting the touch screen’s sensitivity.

Larmor Screen Protector Glass offers unparalleled clarity because of its optical glass material, which exceeds that of ordinary plastic protectors or films. It has a smudge-resistant coating that prevents fingerprints and facilitates easy cleaning, and its anti-glare properties reduce reflections and glare for optimal viewing.

The protector’s frame design integrates seamlessly with your camera, making it look and feel like a natural part of the device. It also has anti-shatter glass that minimizes the risk of injury if the glass is broken, providing a safe and reliable solution for protecting your camera’s LCD screen.

You should choose Larmor Screen Protector Glass because it offers outstanding protection, clarity, functionality, and ease of use. Its 8H hardness and six-layer protection make it the ideal choice for keeping your Canon EOS R8 & EOS R50’s LCD screen safe and scratch-free.

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