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JVC BN-VG121 Battery


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  • For JVC Video Cameras
  • rated at 3.6V, 2100mAh
  • Genuine JVC


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The JVC BN-VG121 Battery is a larger battery made for older JVC video camera. If the battery you have is called a BN-VG then some numbers this battery is compatible as the listing after the number was to do with the power of the batteries. so a BN-VG battery is the system. The 121 is the power. The BN-VG121 battery is a mid strength battery with approximately 140 minutes of recording time. If you have an olde4r camera its time to get it out and working to transfer that older system into a new system as soon as you can

These battery are Genuine JVC batteries and are discontinued so Plaza Cameras stock is limited. Once sold out you will not be able to obtain any more. The batteries are supplied discharged and you have to fully charge them before use.

JVC BN-VG121 batteries also fit cameras that used BN-VG107u, BN-VG107e, BN-VG108, BN-VG138, BN-VG114,

Compatibility: The JVC BN-VG121 Battery rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (3.6V/2100mAh) is compatible with select JVC camcorders, including the GZ-GZ1, GZ-EX210, and GZ-EX250. Plus more

No Memory Effect: This battery has no memory effect, so it may be charged after only partially discharged without creating memory problems.

Charging: This battery pack is not fully charged upon factory shipment and must be charged before using.

Capacity: The BN-VG121U charges in the camcorder in approximately 3-1/2 hours using the AC adapter that comes with the camcorder.

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