Jeweller’s Eye Loupe Magnifier


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  • High quality lens is made of optical glass for extra sharpness and clarity
  • Round swing-away chrome plated case
  • Inspect objects at 30 times magnification
  • Ingenious, portable and easy to carry
  • Foldable and convenient to carry, you can have one in your pocket
  • Great for reading the Tiny Details on: Computer Parts, Electronics, Jewelry, Watches, Coins, Stamps, Antiques.
  • Get an extremely close view of the tiniest details


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Jeweller’s Eye Loupe Magnifier

If you are in need of a high-quality magnifying glass that can easily fit into your pocket, then the Jeweller’s Eye Loupe is the perfect tool for you. Made of optical glass, this magnifying glass is designed to provide extra sharpness and clarity, making it ideal for inspecting tiny objects like computer parts, electronics, jewelry, watches, coins, stamps, and antiques.

The Jeweller’s Eye Loupe comes with a round swing-away chrome plated case that not only looks great but also protects the lens from scratches and other damages. The ingenious and portable design of this magnifying glass makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. It is foldable and convenient to carry, so you can easily have one in your pocket or attach it to a neck chain or key chain using the small loop that comes with it.

With a magnification of 30 times, this Jeweller’s Eye Loupe allows you to get an extremely close view of the tiniest details, making it an ideal tool for the jewelry and watch making industry. It is also great for inspecting gems and diamonds, and for finding the hallmarks on silver and gold.

Made from high-quality metal and optical glass lenses, this magnifying glass is durable and long-lasting. Its lens diameter is 21mm, and its size is 38 x 26 x 18mm, making it easy to carry around with you. The package includes 1 x 30X-21mm Jewellery Loupe and 1 x Gift Box, making it a great gift for anyone who needs a high-quality magnifying glass.


In conclusion, if you need a reliable and portable magnifying glass that can provide you with extra sharpness and clarity when inspecting tiny objects, then the Jeweller’s Eye Loupe is the perfect tool for you. Its high-quality lens, round swing-away chrome plated case, and ingenious design make it a must-have for anyone in the jewelry and watch making industry, as well as for hobbyists and collectors.

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