Ilford XP2 Super 400 120 Film

ISO 400, fine grain, highly versatile black & white film that can be processed on the high street (in C41 chemistry).

  • High speed ISO 400
  • B&W film using colour C41 processing
  • Wide exposure latitude and well defined highlights
  • 35mm, 120 Roll and Single Use Cameras available


Ilford XP2 Super 400 120 Film

ILFORD XP2 Super is a C41 process Black and White film that works in a similar way to Kodak

The Ilford XP2 Super film produces extremely sharp crisp
images with super-fine grain characteristics.
XP2 Super has very wide exposure latitude,
making the film easy to expose even under
challenging conditions. XP2 SUPER can be used
as EI 50 – 800 ASA with no adjustment to the
process, making it an extremely versatile film.
Because XP2 Super is a dye based negative image it is ideally suited to scanning applications and
fully compatible with digital ICE technologies.

• Can be processed in C41 chemistry available in most colour labs.
• Extremely sharp images with low grain.
• Wide exposure latitude without the need for process adjustment.
• Coated on traditional B&W film base without orange mask, so easy to print in the darkroom.
• Easy to print on colour digital minilabs using monochrome settings or channels.
• Produces high quality film scans for use in digital imaging applications.
• Compatible with digital ICE.

XP2 SUPER is a sharp, fast, fine grain black and white film. It can be used for any photographic subject, but
ensures excellent results when there is a wide subject brightness range.
XP2 SUPER is easy to expose, has and extremely wide exposure latitude and gives exceptionally sharp, crisp
prints. The excellent highlight and shadows of XP2 SUPER give enhanced negative contrast for optimum black
and white print quality.
XP2 SUPER is easy to process. It is a black and white film which is processed in C41 type processing
chemicals alongside colour negative films.
XP2 SUPER is very easy to print. Negatives are printed on black and white paper in the same way as
conventional black and white negatives.
XP2 SUPER is a chromogenic film. This means that the dyes which make up the image are formed during
development rather than being present in the film or added later.
The extremely wide exposure latitude of XP2 SUPER is the result of the unique relationship between exposure
and grain in chromogenic films.
The best balance of sharpness and grain is obtained when XP2 SUPER is exposed at EI 400/27.
However, down-rated or overexposed XP2 SUPER negatives have finer grain, the opposite of that
expected and obtained with conventional films. Up-rated or underexposed XP2 SUPER negatives have
only a slight loss in quality. Furthermore, standard C41 processing is recommended for the whole of the
exposure range.
XP2 SUPER 35mm film is coated on 0.125mm/5-mil acetate base and is available in 24 or 36 exposure
cassettes, or in bulk lengths of 30.5 metres (100ft). XP2 SUPER 35mm film is supplied in DX coded cassettes,
suitable for all 35mm cameras.

XP2 SUPER roll film is coated on 0.110mm/4-mil clear acetate base with an anti-halation backing which clears
during development. It is available in 120 lengths and is edge numbered 1 to 19.
XP2 SUPER film has a speed rating of ISO 400/27° (400ASA, 27DIN, EI 400/27) to daylight. The ISO speed
rating was measured using standard C41 processing. Although rated at ISO 400/27°, XP2 SUPER can be
exposed over the range EI 50/18–800/30. When higher speed is needed, XP2 SUPER can be rated at up to EI
800/30. For finer grain, when speed is less important, rate the film at EI 200/24, although for finest grain it
can be rated as low as EI 50/18 if required.
The practical implications of this wide exposure range are very important. XP2 SUPER can be exposed at a
setting to suit the job. The benefit of variable speed also provides security against inadvertent over- or
It should be noted that the exposure index (EI) recommended for XP2 SUPER is based on a practical
evaluation of film speed and is not based on foot speed, as is the ISO standard.

You can find more information on the technical data sheet.

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Best overall quality EI 400/27
Finer grain (With easy printing) EI 200/24
Finest grain (but denser negatives) EI 50/18