Ilford Half Frame Disposable Camera (54 colour photos)


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  • 54 colour exposures
  • half-frame technology for twice the photos
  • built in flash
  • 400 ISO film preloaded


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Ilford ILFOCOLOR Half Frame Disposable Camera

Unleash Your Creativity in Vibrant Colour

Elevate your photography with the Ilford ILFOCOLOR Half Frame Disposable Camera. A compact, user-friendly device combining convenience with exceptional image quality. Designed for enthusiasts and casual photographers alike, this disposable camera boasts innovative features that make every shot memorable.

Key Features:

54 Colour Photos: Unleash your creativity with the ILFOCOLOR’s capacity to capture 54 vibrant colour photos. Whether documenting events or exploring outdoors, this disposable camera offers opportunities to seize moments in stunning detail. Ideal for creating visual stories.

Half Frame Technology: Experience the unique advantage of half-frame technology, allowing you to capture double the number of exposures compared to standard frames on a single roll of 35mm film. Maximize your shooting potential and get more out of every film roll with the ILFOCOLOR. This feature is particularly advantageous for those who want to experiment with different compositions and tell a visual story across multiple frames.

35mm Film Loaded: Loaded with high-quality 400 ISO 35mm film, this disposable camera ensures clarity and sharpness in every frame. The iconic 35mm format provides a timeless aesthetic while delivering impressive results, making it a reliable choice for various photographic occasions. The film loading process is quick and straightforward, ensuring you spend more time capturing moments and less time dealing with complex settings.

Built-in Flash: Illuminate your subjects in any lighting condition with the ILFOCOLOR’s built-in flash. Whether you’re shooting indoors, during twilight, or in low-light settings, the integrated flash enhances your photos, ensuring well-lit and vivid images that capture the essence of the moment. The flash adds versatility to the camera, allowing you to experiment with different lighting scenarios.

User-Friendly Design: The ILFOCOLOR’s user-friendly design makes it accessible to photographers of all skill levels. From beginners to experienced enthusiasts, everyone can enjoy the simplicity and convenience of this disposable camera. The controls are intuitive, and the lightweight construction makes it easy to carry on the go.


The Ilford ILFOCOLOR Half Frame Disposable Camera is a versatile and user-friendly option for photography enthusiasts seeking an effortless yet powerful solution. With the convenience of half-frame technology, 35mm film, and a built-in flash, this disposable camera is equipped to deliver exceptional results. Ideal for capturing everyday moments, special occasions, or creative projects, the ILFOCOLOR ensures a seamless and enjoyable photography experience.

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