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Ilford Delta 100 Black & White (120mm)


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  • Panchromatic B&W Negative Film
  • ISO 100/21° in Standard Process
  • Very High Sharpness and Fine Grain
  • Core-Shell Crystal Technology


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Ilford Delta 100 Professional – 120mm

Elevate Your Fine Art Photography

Unlock the realm of pictorial and fine art photography with ILFORD Delta 100 Professional, a medium-speed, fine-grain black and white film that defines excellence. This film, available in various formats, is your gateway to creating timeless masterpieces with unrivaled image quality.

Key Features:

  1. Fine Grain Mastery:

    • Delta 100 Professional boasts an exquisite fine grain structure, ensuring your photographs exude exceptional detail and clarity. Ideal for capturing intricate details in fine art and pictorial compositions.
  2. Versatile Formats:

    • Choose from 35mm film in 24 or 36 exposure cassettes with DX coding, suitable for all 35mm cameras. Delta 100 Professional roll film is available in 120 lengths, edge-numbered 1 to 19, providing flexibility in your creative pursuits.
  3. Spectral Sensitivity:

    • The film’s spectral sensitivity to tungsten light (2850K) adds a nuanced touch to your compositions. Explore the interplay of light and shadow with a film designed to elevate your creative vision.

Exposure Rating:

  • Delta 100 Professional has a speed rating of ISO 100/21º to daylight. Achieve optimal results at EI 100/21, with good image quality ranging from EI 50/18 to EI 200/24. The exposure index (EI) range is based on a practical evaluation, ensuring reliable performance.

Filter Factors:

  • Compatible with various filters, including color, polarizing, and neutral density filters. Follow filter manufacturer instructions for the exposure increase in daylight, allowing for creative control over your photographic outcomes.

Making Long Exposures:

  • For exposures between 1 and 1/10,000 seconds, Delta 100 Professional adheres to reciprocity law. Longer exposures require adjustments, and the provided graph aids in calculating the increased exposure time, ensuring precision in your long-exposure shots.


  • ILFORD Delta 100 Professional: Fine Art Mastery
  • Exceptional Fine Grain for Unrivaled Detail
  • Versatile Formats: 35mm and Roll Film (120)
  • Spectral Sensitivity for Nuanced Compositions


Elevate your fine art photography with ILFORD Delta 100 Professional. From fine grain mastery to versatile formats, capture exceptional detail and nuanced compositions with this medium-speed black and white film.


ILFORD Delta 100 Professional is not just a film; it’s a testament to the artistry of black and white photography. With its fine grain mastery, versatile formats, and spectral sensitivity, this film empowers photographers to transcend the ordinary and create visual masterpieces. Explore the depths of fine art photography with Delta 100 Professional, where every frame tells a story of creativity and excellence.

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