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Hoya PRO1 Digital UV Filter 52mm


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  • 52mm
  • Digital Multi-Coating
  • Black Almite Frame
  • Black Rimmed Glass
  • Low Profile Frame
  • Knurling Edge Frame
  • Versatile


In stock


The Hoya Pro1 Digital 52mm UV Filter is a versatile accessory that can enhance the quality of your photographs while protecting your lens. It is suitable for use with both digital and film cameras, making it an ideal choice for both professional and amateur photographers.

One of the key features of this filter is its digital multi-coating, which reduces the appearance of lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections. This results in sharper, clearer images with improved color accuracy and contrast.

The filter also features a black almite frame with a black matte aluminum satin finish, which reduces reflections and adds to its durability. Additionally, the black-rimmed glass helps to minimize light reflection off the filter’s edge, further improving image clarity.

The filter’s low profile frame is ultra-thin, making it compatible with super-wide angle lenses, and it is designed to hold a lens cap for added protection. The knurling edge frame provides a non-slip grip for easy attachment and removal of the filter, even in challenging shooting conditions.

To help protect your filter from damage, it comes with a UV-protected case that shields it from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Overall, the Hoya Pro1 Digital 52mm UV Filter is an essential accessory for any photographer looking to improve their photographs’ quality. Its features, including the digital multi-coating, black almite frame, black-rimmed glass, low profile frame, knurling edge frame, and UV-protected case, make it a versatile and durable option that can provide long-lasting benefits for your photography.

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Filter Type UV
Shape Circle
Circular Size 52 mm
Rotating No
Front Accessory Thread / Bayonet 52 mm
Filter Thickness 3 mm
Filter Material Glass
Ring Material Aluminum
Knurling Side
Coatings Multi-Coating