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The 40.5mm UX II UV filter with water repellent coating is a remarkable upgrade of the HMC UV(C) filter, now incorporated into the innovative UX II series. This series, consisting of both the UX II UV filter and the UX II CIR-PL filter, caters to entry-level users seeking exceptional quality and contemporary functionality.

The name “UX” in the series signifies “User eXperience,” indicating the range of experiences users can expect while utilizing these filters and engaging in all aspects of photography. By adopting the UX series name, our objective is to provide users with enhanced individual experiences throughout their photographic endeavors.

Although invisible to the naked eye, UV rays can adversely impact images when shooting in coastal or mountainous environments, leading to blurred outlines or faded, whitish images. The UX II UV filter effectively suppresses the UV spectrum present in daylight, which is a major cause of poor image quality. It is compatible with both film and digital cameras, ensuring more vibrant images. Additionally, this filter serves as everyday lens protection when kept constantly attached.

Key Features:

  1. Anti-Reflection Coating: The anti-reflection coating prevents unwanted reflections and enhances light transmittance, resulting in improved image quality.
  2. Water-Repellent Coating: We have introduced a water-repellent coating in addition to the anti-reflective coating. This unique feature repels water droplets, making it easier to clean the filter surface from dirt or fingerprints, ensuring clear and pristine images.
  3. Slim Frame: The slim frame design ensures that there is no vignetting, even when using wide-angle lenses. This feature guarantees hassle-free usage and exceptional image quality across a range of focal lengths.

The UX II UV filter with water repellent coating combines essential lens protection with advanced features to deliver outstanding results. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional photographer, this filter is an indispensable tool for capturing stunning images with enhanced clarity and color fidelity. Elevate your photography experience with the UX II UV filter and enjoy unparalleled image quality in all your shooting endeavors.

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