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HIKMICRO Lynx Pro LE10 Thermal Monocular


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  • Magnification 1 – 8, x8
  • Detection Range 450 m
  • Sensor 256 x 192, 12um NETD <35mK

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HIKMICRO Lynx Pro LE10 Thermal Monocular

Explore the unseen and venture into the night with the HIKMICRO Lynx Pro LE10 Thermal Monocular. Boasting a 256×192 infrared detector and a 720×540 LCOS display, this handheld thermal camera is a technological marvel designed for hunters, hikers, law enforcement professionals, and search and rescue operations.

Key Features:

1. Exceptional Thermal Resolution:

With a 256×192 resolution and a 12μm high-sensitivity detector, the Lynx Pro LE10 provides exceptional thermal clarity. Adaptive AGC, DDE, and 3D DNR ensure optimal image quality, with a NETD less than 35 mK (@25ºC) and an F# of 1.0.

2. Compact and Lightweight Design:

Weighing a mere 260 grams and designed to slip into your pocket, the Lynx LE10 is the epitome of portability. Whether you’re on a nighttime hike, engaged in law enforcement duties, or participating in search and rescue missions, the LE10 ensures you have a lightweight yet powerful tool at your disposal.

3. WiFi Capabilities:

The Lynx Pro LE10 supports WiFi functionality, adding a layer of convenience to your thermal imaging experience. Seamlessly connect to your phone or tablet, expanding your situational awareness and enabling real-time collaboration.

4. Long Battery Life:

Equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, the LE10 offers up to 8 hours of continuous running. This ensures that you have ample time to complete your missions without worrying about running out of power.

5. Hot Spot and Stadiametric Range Finder:

The Lynx LE10 features a Hot Spot function, enhancing your ability to identify critical details in the thermal landscape. The built-in Stadiametric Range Finder adds precision to distance measurements, enhancing your overall observational capabilities.

6. Unbeatable Value:

Packed with premium-grade features, the Lynx Pro LE10 offers unbeatable value in the thermal imaging market. It’s a versatile, compact, and powerful solution that won’t break the bank.

7. Mid-Range Tracking Prowess:

Ideal for short to mid-range detection, the Lynx LE10 ensures you can quickly pick up your target, making it an invaluable tool for various scenarios.

8. Rugged IP67 Rating:

Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, the CONDOR CH50L holds an impressive IP67 rating. Submerge it for up to half an hour in a meter of water without compromising performance. Rain, snow, or challenging terrain – the CQ50L thrives in it all.

9. Robust Warranty Coverage:

Trust in the reliability HIKMICRO is backed by a 3-year warranty on the body and internals, and an impressive 10-year warranty on the sensor. This warranty coverage underscores the confidence HIKMICRO has in the durability and performance of this thermal monocular.

In Conclusion:

The HIKMICRO Lynx Pro LE10 Thermal Monocular is your ticket to superior thermal imaging. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a law enforcement professional, or a search and rescue operative, the LE10 delivers unbeatable value, exceptional resolution, and mid-range tracking prowess. Elevate your nocturnal adventures with the Lynx Pro LE10.

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Specification Details
Image Sensor Vox Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
Max. Resolution 256 x 192
Pixel Interval 12um
Response Waveband 8um to 14um
NETD Less than 35 mK (@25º), F# = 1.0
Lens (Focal Length) 9.7mm
Field of View 18.00º x 13.55º (H x V)º
Aperture F1.0
Magnification 1 to 8
Digital Zoom 1 x, 2 x, 4 x, 8 x
Frame Frequency 25 Hz
Display 0.2 inch, LCOS, 720×540
Palettes Black Hot, Red Hot, White Hot, Fusion
FFC (Flat Field Correction) Mode Auto, Manual, External Correction
WiFi Hot Spot Yes
Detection Range 458m
Standby Mode Yes
Built-in Memory 8GB
Record Video Yes
Capture Snapshot Yes
Built-in Memory Capacity 220,000 pictures
Battery Types Lithium Battery
Battery Operating Time 8 hours continuous running with WiFi hot spot function off ( @25ºC), 6 hours continuous running with WiFi hot spot function on (@25ºC)
Battery Capacity Display Yes
Work Temperature/Humidity -20º to 55ºC (-4ºF to 131ºF)
Power 5 VDC/2 A, 1.5W, Type-C Interface
Protection Level IP67
Dimension 158.3mm x 61mm x 57mm (6.23″ x 2.4″ x 2.24″)
Weight 260g (0.57 lb)