GoPro Hero 8 Protective Housing


Available on back-order

  • Rugged Housing for HERO8 Black
  • Glass Lens, Waterproof Down to 196′
  • Protects from Dirt and Debris
  • Access to Camera’s Touchscreen


Available on back-order


GoPro Hero 8 Protective Housing


The GoPro Hero 8 Protective Housing is a must for adventurers and photography enthusiasts. It boosts your GoPro HERO8 camera’s capabilities and safeguards it.

While the HERO8 is waterproof, this housing elevates waterproofing, allowing underwater use up to 196 feet (60 meters). It’s perfect for scuba divers, snorkelers, or anyone capturing underwater beauty.

Its standout feature? A flat glass lens ensures clear, distortion-free shots on land or underwater. Images and videos remain sharp and vibrant, regardless of the environment.

What’s exceptional is its user-friendly design. You can easily access camera settings with the housing attached, ensuring control for adjustments while recording.

Note: Using the housing may slightly affect audio quality. GoPro includes a skeleton back door to maintain clear audio on land, but it’s not for underwater use. Its purpose is improved audio during interviews, vlogs, or land-based activities.

In conclusion, the GoPro Hero 8 Protective Housing is a must for GoPro HERO8 users. Whether underwater or on land, it enhances your camera’s potential, offers easy access to settings, and improves audio quality when needed. Get it for unforgettable adventures, confident your camera is secure and ready to capture the extraordinary.


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