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Haldex LED Studio Lighting Tent

  • Improve your Product Photography
  • Suits Small and Medium Sized Objects
  • Create Studio Lighting Effects
  • 5500K Daylight Balanced 70 LED Light Panel
  • Built-in Shoot-Through Window for Flat-Lays
  • Includes Black, White and Apricot Backdrops
  • Convenient Fold-Flat Design


Haldex LED Studio Lighting Tent

Want to Improve your Product Photography?

Run your own small business or side hustle and looking to market your own products? Let the Haldex LED Photo Light Tent Photo Studio take your product or food photography to the next level.

Suits Small and Medium Sized Objects

Measuring 40x40cm, the light box is suitable for a broad range of items small and medium sized items. Looking to make a bit of extra money on the side selling some of your unwanted or unused items? A professional quality photo that really shows off the detail and condition of your goods will have the power to get buyers interested and give you the best chance of getting the price you really want.

Studio Style Lighting Effects

The light tent features a fold-flat design that makes it easy to take high quality photos anywhere. Its interior features a reflective foil surface which works to bounce light from all angles to minimise harsh shadows. This gives your products that professional, studio lighting feel that does well to highlight the detail in your products from all angles.

2x 35 LED Light Strips

An array of two LED strips featuring a total of 70 individual LEDs are positioned inside the cube to provide light to your subject. A shoot-through window positioned between the LED lights adds creative potential to your photography by allowing you to decide the position of the lights in relation to your subject.

Built-in Shoot Through Window

A built-in shoot-through window at the top of the cube delivers additional creative flexibility by allowing you to shoot products from the top view or create interesting flat-lay style images with perfectly even lighting.

Daylight Balanced 5500K Colour Output

The LED lights are a daylight balanced 5500K eliminating potential colour inaccuracies, and ensuring a consistent white balance for consistency in all your images. The lights are conveniently powered by USB, meaning you can either plug them into a standard USB charger (sold separately) in the wall, or use a portable USB power bank (also sold separately) to give you the versatility of shooting anywhere.

Black, White, Apricot Backdrops

Three backdrops are also included in the kit. The black, white and apricot options can be utilised to create contrast between your product and the background for maximum detail along the edges of the item.

Cyclorama Wall

The backgrounds are made from a thick, hard-wearing plastic that attaches with Velcro-style tabs to the top and base of the cube to create a mini cyclorama wall. This curved wall hides the ugly join between the wall and floor of the cube to give your products the feeling that they are isolated and floating in 3D space.

Take it Anywhere!

With its portability and ease of setup, the 40x40cm Haldex LED Portable Photo Studio is a great investment for anyone looking to give their product and food photography that professional look and feel.


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