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Haldex LED Studio Lighting Tent


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  • Improve your Product Photography
  • Suits Small and Medium Sized Objects
  • Create Studio Lighting Effects
  • 5500K Daylight Balanced 70 LED Light Panel
  • Built-in Shoot-Through Window for Flat-Lays
  • Includes Black, White and Apricot Backdrops
  • Convenient Fold-Flat Design


In stock


Haldex LED Studio Lighting Tent

Introducing the Haldex LED Studio Lighting Tent – the ultimate solution for elevating your product photography. This portable photo light tent takes your images to the next level, capturing every detail with professional precision.

Measuring 40x40cm, it’s perfect for small and medium-sized objects. Whether you’re selling products or showcasing your creations, this high-quality studio ensures your items stand out and attract buyers.

Create stunning studio-style lighting effects anywhere with its fold-flat design. The reflective foil interior bounces light from all angles, minimizing shadows and highlighting product details.

Equipped with two 35 LED light strips, featuring 70 individual LEDs, the tent provides optimal illumination. The shoot-through window allows for creative lighting positioning.

Capture unique angles with the built-in shoot-through window at the top. Or create captivating flat-lay images with even lighting.

The LED lights deliver a consistent white balance with their daylight balanced 5500K color output. Powered by USB, you can shoot anywhere with a standard charger or portable power bank.

Included in the kit are three backdrops: black, white, and apricot. They enhance contrast and emphasize product edges.

The sturdy plastic backgrounds attach easily with Velcro-style tabs, creating a cyclorama wall. Your products will appear isolated and floating in 3D space.

Portable and easy to set up, the Haldex LED Studio Lighting Tent is perfect for professional product and food photography. Invest in this 40x40cm portable photo studio and take your visuals to new heights, captivating customers and boosting your business.


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