Haldex Charger Base with Plate for Olympus BN-1


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For Olympus BN-1 Batteries

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Haldex Charger Base With Plate For Olympus BN-1

Haldex BN-1 Charger Base with Plate for Olympus BN-1 is the Haldex multi-purpose charger with Olympus BN-1 plate.

Additional plates available to suit most Lithium Ion digital camera batteries; plus, USB charging facility.

Plug-in Australian power adapter, including 12V DC input. Easy to use. With additional interchangeable battery plates available for separate purchase, for digital cameras of a specified brand. Slim-line design is perfect for the frequent traveler.

This is an easy charger to use. No alignment of charging pins required the battery just fits straight in. The battery can not fall out like universal charges. Easy light indicator, If the light is red it means its charging, Once it turns green then it has finished charging you battery. This charger has a one year warranty and Brad at Plaza Cameras can say that we have had no problems with the reliability of this charger system. The charger also includes a Wall USB-c 20w socket so you can connect a standard USB-c cable to it for charging other devices. It also come with a car lighter adapter so you can charge the battery in the car.

Olympus BN-1


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