Green Clean Silky Wipe


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  • tight knit silk derivative
  • to be used dry or wet
  • 25x25cm


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Green Clean Silky Wipe: Gentle and Versatile Cleaning for Optimal Optics

Elevate your lens and optics cleaning routine with the Green Clean Silky Wipe, a premium accessory designed for precision and care. Crafted from tightly spun silk derivative, this innovative cleaning wipe ensures a gentle touch on your delicate surfaces, leaving them spotless without the use of harmful chemicals or bleach.

Key Features:

1. Silk Derivative Construction:

  • The Silky Wipe is meticulously crafted from a tightly spun silk derivative, offering a soft and luxurious texture. This material provides an exceptional cleaning surface that is gentle on sensitive optics, making it ideal for lenses, filters, and delicate camera equipment.

2. Chemical-Free and Bleach-Free:

  • Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and bleaching agents. The Green Clean Silky Wipe is free from chemical binding materials and bleach, ensuring that your valuable optics are cleaned with a natural and safe solution. This commitment to a chemical-free design minimizes the risk of damage to lens coatings and sensitive materials.

3. Dry or Wet Application:

  • Versatility is at the core of the Silky Wipe’s design. Use it dry for routine dusting and gentle cleaning or combine it with your preferred cleaning liquid for more stubborn smudges and stains. The choice is yours, providing flexibility for various cleaning needs.

4. Generous Size:

  • With dimensions of 25x25cm, the Silky Wipe offers a generous surface area for effective cleaning. Its ample size ensures that you can thoroughly and efficiently clean larger optical elements while still maintaining the precision needed for intricate details.


  • Material: Tightly spun silk derivative
  • Dimensions: 25x25cm


The Green Clean Silky Wipe redefines the standard for optics cleaning, prioritizing a gentle touch and effective results. Crafted from a tightly spun silk derivative, this wipe ensures a luxurious and safe cleaning experience for your lenses and delicate camera equipment. What sets it apart is its commitment to being chemical-free and bleach-free, providing a natural cleaning solution that won’t compromise lens coatings. Whether used dry or with a cleaning liquid, the Silky Wipe offers versatility tailored to your specific cleaning needs. With generous dimensions of 25x25cm, it combines efficiency with precision, making it a must-have accessory for photographers and optics enthusiasts. Elevate your lens cleaning routine with the Green Clean Silky Wipe and indulge your optics in the care they deserve.

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