PX625A Battery (Replaces LR9, V625U)


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  • Powers up smaller devices
  • Replaces LR9, V625U and more
  • Chemistry: Alkaline
  • Nominal Voltage: 1.5V
  • Dimension: ø15.6 x 5.95 mm
  • Weight: 2.9g


In stock



Introducing the GP PX625A Battery, the perfect power source for your small portable electronic devices. GP Alkaline Cell Battery with 1.5 volts is specifically designed to last longer than other battery types. With its high energy density, it supplies miniature devices with more consistent voltage output and power that lasts.

GP alkaline cell battery PX625A is a button cell type battery that is perfect for devices such as watches, thermometers, calculators, key fobs, garage door openers, electronic toys, and more. Its superior performance makes it ideal for these gadgets, providing them with long-lasting power and consistent performance.

One of the unique features of this battery is its mercury-free zinc/manganese dioxide chemistry, making it an eco-friendly option. This chemistry reduces its impact on the environment while also maintaining the battery’s quality.

With an average weight of only 2.9g, this battery is lightweight and compact, making it easy to store and carry around. Its compact size also means it can fit into even the smallest devices, making it the perfect power source for all of your small electronic gadgets.

GP alkaline cell battery PX625A is cross-referenced with other battery types, including 625, GP PX625AF, IEC LR9, Energizer E624GZ, AG625, L1560, v625u and Duracell. This means you can use it as a replacement battery for other devices that use these battery types.

In addition to its exceptional performance, this battery is engineered to offer complete protection against leakage with secure sealing technology. This ensures that the battery stays safe and prevents damage to your devices.


In conclusion, the GP PX625A Battery is the perfect power source for your small portable electronic devices. Its long-lasting power, eco-friendliness, and compact size make it the ideal choice for all of your battery needs. Get yours today and experience the difference in performance and reliability!

Equivalent models: 625, 625A, A625PX, E625G, EPX625, LR09, LR9, MR09, PX13, RPX625, V625U, GP PX625A

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: 1.5V

: LR9

: Alkaline 

: 200mAh

:  Flat Top

: 15.5mm

: 6.1mm