GP PX625A Battery (Replaces LR9, V625U)

This alkaline battery can be used to power up numerous small devices, including some film cameras, watches, calculators, remotes and more. Containing 0% mercury, this alkaline battery is a direct replacement for numerous original mercury batteries.

  • Powers up smaller devices
  • Replaces LR9, V625U and more


GP alkaline cell battery PX625A is designed to power your small gadgets, most commonly used in watches, thermometers, calculators, key fobs, garage door openers, electronic toys, and more. High energy density from GP alkaline batteries supplies miniature devices with more consistent voltage output and power that lasts. Engineered to offer complete protection against leakage with secure sealing technology, protecting you and your devices. These batteries are developed to withstand the test of time. Our alkaline button cell is mercury-free, reducing its impact on the environment.

Equivalent models: 625, 625A, A625PX, E625G, EPX625, LR09, LR9, MR09, PX13, RPX625, V625U

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: 1.5V

: LR9

: Alkaline 

: 200mAh

:  Flat Top

: 15.5mm

: 6.1mm