Gopro – Surfboard Mounts


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  • Perfect for surfboards, kayaks, SUPs, boat decks and more
  • Ideal for activities where maximum holding strength is needed
  • Includes FCS compatible plug for mounting to FCS center fin socket
  • Includes adhesive anchors and camera tethers for enhanced security


In stock


GoPro Surf Board Mounts (ASURF-001)

Conquer the Waves with Unmatched Stability

Transform your surfing escapades into unforgettable memories with the GoPro Surf Board Mounts (ASURF-001). Designed for surfboards, kayaks, SUPs, boat decks, and more, these mounts capture the thrill of the waves with your GoPro. Offering unparalleled holding strength, versatility, and security, they redefine the surfing experience.

At the heart of these mounts is their exceptional versatility. Beyond surfboards, they seamlessly adapt to various gear and surfaces, providing a universal solution for water enthusiasts. The FCS compatible male plug is a game-changer, allowing you to mount your GoPro using an FCS center fin socket. Now, your surfboard becomes a tripod, opening up creative possibilities for self-captured footage amid the waves.

Security is paramount in challenging waters. The package includes adhesive anchors and camera tethers, ensuring your GoPro remains steadfast even in the face of turbulent waves. Immerse yourself in the surfing experience without concerns about your camera’s stability; let GoPro Surf Board Mounts take care of the rest.

Compatibility is never an issue with these mounts. Designed to accommodate all GoPro camera models, from the latest HERO10 Black to earlier editions, they stand ready for any adventure requiring robust holding strength. Whether you’re riding the waves, kayaking through rapids, or paddleboarding along the coast, these mounts are your steadfast companion.

The comprehensive package leaves nothing to chance. Two surfboard mounts, two adhesive anchors, two camera tethers, an FCS male plug mount, and a locking plug—all meticulously crafted to cater to your surfing needs. Effortlessly attach your GoPro to any surface or gear, ensuring a secure fastening for capturing your ultimate surfing experience with confidence.


The GoPro Surf Board Mounts redefine what’s possible in surf photography. Durable, reliable, and user-friendly, these mounts provide a secure solution for capturing the essence of your water adventures with confidence. Elevate your surf videos with GoPro Surf Board Mounts, offering unmatched stability and versatility—an essential for surfing enthusiasts chasing the perfect shot.

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