Glanz W10 wide angle 180 degree LED light


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  • Provides continuous, wide 180° angle fill light.
  • Approx.120min runtime by a rechargeable lithium battery
  • 1 x generic NP-F750 battery (4400mAh)(included)
  • Also runs on included AC adapter for longer runtime
  • Features adjustable brightness (10-100%) & colour temperature (3200-5600K)
  • Built-in soft diffuser + LCD Display for brightness & colour info.
  • ¼” thread mount on body + ball head with hot-shoe mount included
  • Aluminium body construction for strength & heat dissipation


In stock


Glanz W10 wide angle 180 degree LED light

Introducing the Glanz LS WIDE ANGLE 180 DEGREE FILL LED W10 – an industry-first LED light with a curved design that provides an ultra-wide 180° beam angle, perfect for immersive VR capture, multi-cam setups, wide-angle shots, and more. This efficient lighting solution allows for faster setups and provides an unmatched level of coverage.

The W10 features adjustable brightness (10-100%) and color temperature (3200-5600K) with a built-in soft diffuser and LCD display for easy adjustments. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that provides a 120-minute runtime, and an AC adapter for longer usage. The W10 also includes a ball head with a hot-shoe mount and a ¼” thread mount on the body. The light is easy to attach to any camera or stand.

Constructed from high-quality aluminum. The W10 provides strength and heat dissipation, ensuring that the light stays cool even during prolonged use. Achieve professional-level lighting without the hassle of setting up multiple lights.

In conclusion, the Glanz LS WIDE ANGLE 180 DEGREE FILL LED W10 is perfect for greenscreen work, rapid-fire setups, and more. The included rechargeable battery and AC adapter make it easy to use. The high-quality construction ensures that it will last for years to come. Get yours today and take your lighting to the next level!

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