Glanz USB Type A to UC-E6 for Nikon Cameras


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  • High Speed USB Cable for downloading files off of most Nikon Coolpix or DSLR Cameras
  • USB 2.0 Type A Male Plug to UC-E6 Male Plug
  • 1.5 Metres in length


In stock


Glanz USB Type A to USB UC-E6

Introducing the Glanz USB Type A to USB UC-E6 Cable, the essential accessory for seamless image transfer from your Nikon Coolpix camera or DSLR to your computer. At 1.5 meters, this cable, a replacement for Nikon UC-E17, ensures versatility, compatibility, and efficiency for photographers and enthusiasts.

Universal Compatibility:

The Glanz USB Cable is tailored for compatibility with most older Nikon Coolpix cameras and DSLRs. Whether you own a classic Coolpix model or a reliable Nikon DSLR, this cable ensures a perfect fit, enabling you to download images with ease. Experience hassle-free connectivity that supports your creative workflow.

Efficient Image Transfer:

Bid farewell to slow image transfers. The Glanz USB Type A to USB UC-E6 Cable is engineered for efficiency, allowing you to download images from your digital camera to your computer quickly. This USB 2.0 cable facilitates a fast and reliable connection, ensuring that your creative process remains uninterrupted.

Replacement for Nikon UC-E17:

This cable serves as a direct replacement for the Nikon UC-E17 USB cable. If you own compatible Nikon COOLPIX cameras or DSLRs that originally shipped with the UC-E17, the Glanz USB Cable is your reliable alternative, offering the same quality and functionality.

Optimal Length for Flexibility:

With a generous length of 1.5 meters, this cable provides optimal flexibility for your workspace. Whether you’re connecting your camera to your desktop or laptop, the length of the cable allows for convenient positioning, adapting to your setup preferences.

USB 2.0 Type A Male Plug to UC-E6 Male Plug:

Glanz USB Cable has a USB 2.0 Type A Male Plug on one end and a UC-E6 Male Plug on the other. This configuration ensures a secure and stable connection, minimizing the risk of data transfer interruptions. Enjoy the reliability of a cable designed to meet the demands of photographers and content creators.

Compact and Portable Design:

Designed with portability in mind, the Glanz USB Cable adds minimal bulk to your camera kit. Compact and portable, it ensures reliable connectivity wherever your photography adventures lead, providing a convenient solution on the go.

Versatile Applications:

For professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts, the Glanz USB Type A to USB UC-E6 Cable caters to a variety of applications. From transferring images for post-processing to organizing your photography library, this cable enhances your digital workflow.

In conclusion:

Glanz’s USB Type A to USB UC-E6 Cable is the go-to for reliable and efficient image transfer, perfect for photographers. With universal compatibility, efficient image transfer, replacement for the Nikon UC-E17, optimal length for flexibility, USB 2.0 Type A Male Plug to UC-E6 Male Plug, compact design, and versatile applications, this cable is an essential tool for enhancing your connectivity. Elevate your photography with the Glanz USB Cable, ensuring seamless image transfer for your Nikon Coolpix camera or DSLR.

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