Glanz USB-A 2.0 to Mini B Cable


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  • Male Type-A 2.0 to Male Mini B
  • Rubberized ends
  • Optimized for data transfer from digital cameras


In stock


Glanz USB-A 2.0 to Mini B Cable

Seamless Data Transfer for Your Digital Camera

Optimize your digital photography workflow with this USB-A 2.0 to Mini-B Cable, a reliable connection solution designed for efficient data transfer on digital cameras using MiniB ports. This cable features a male type A connector on one end and a male miniB connector on the other. It ensures a secure link for various connections. It facilitates smooth and quick data exchange between your camera and computer.

Key Features:

USB-A 2.0 to Mini B: A male type A connector and a male mini B connector equip the cable, allowing compatibility with digital cameras having Mini B ports.

Designed for Data Transfer: Tailored for data transfer, this cable facilitates the seamless exchange of photos and videos between your digital camera and computer. Streamline your workflow and spend more time capturing moments.

Rubberized Ends: The ends of the cable are rubber-encased, protecting it from turning or bending damage. This feature enhances durability and ensures a longer lifespan for your cable.

Enabling Data Transfer for Older Cameras: Revitalize your older digital camera by enabling efficient data transfer with the Glanz USB-A 2.0 to Mini B Cable. Don’t let outdated connectivity options hinder your photography experience. This cable bridges the gap, allowing you to effortlessly transfer files and breathe new life into your classic camera equipment.

Additional Information:

This USB-A 2.0 to Mini B Cable is engineered to meet the demands of digital photography. For professional photographers or enthusiasts, this cable is essential. It ensures efficient data transfer between your camera and computer.


In conclusion, the Glanz USB-A 2.0 to MiniB Cable is a must-have for photographers seeking reliability and efficiency in their data transfer process. Carefully designed connectors and rubberized ends add durability to this cable. It ensures a secure and lasting connection between your digital camera and computer. Elevate your photography experience with the Glanz USB-A 2.0 to MiniB Cable.

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