Glanz SuperSpeed+ USB C to C 10Gbps cable


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  • 1 metre
  • 10Gbps
  • Male type C to male type C
  • 60W max charging
  • 20v


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Glanz SuperSpeed+ USB C to C 10Gbps Cable

Fast Data Transfer and Efficient Charging

Elevate your connectivity experience with the Glanz SuperSpeed+ USB C to C 10Gbps Cable. Engineered for high-speed data transfer and efficient charging, this cable boasts a range of features that make it an essential accessory for modern devices.

Key Features:

High-Speed Data Transfer: The Glanz SuperSpeed+ USB C to C Cable delivers an impressive 10Gbps transfer speed, ensuring swift and efficient data transfer between compatible devices. Transferring large files, syncing devices, or engaging in data-intensive tasks, this cable ensures a seamless and rapid experience.

Type C Male to Type C Male: With a Type C male to Type C male design, this cable offers universal compatibility for devices with USB Type C ports. The reversible connector ensures easy and hassle-free insertion, eliminating frustration.

60W Max Charge: Efficient charging is at your fingertips with the Glanz USB C to C Cable. Capable of delivering up to 60W of power, this cable ensures a reliable and fast charge for your devices. Charge your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other compatible devices with confidence and speed.

USB 3.1 Standard: Built on the USB 3.1 standard, this Glanz cable adheres to the latest technology, providing optimal performance and compatibility with a range of devices. The USB 3.1 standard is synonymous with high-speed data transfer and efficient power delivery, meeting the demands of modern devices.

1 Metre Long: Enjoy flexibility in your device setup with a generous 1-metre cable length. The cable’s length provides versatility in connecting devices without constraints, allowing for convenient placement and accessibility.


The Glanz SuperSpeed+ USB C to C 10Gbps Cable redefines connectivity. It seamlessly blends high-speed data transfer, efficient charging (60W max), and adheres to the USB 3.1 standard. With a practical 1-meter length, it’s a reliable solution for modern devices. For managing data workflows or seeking fast, reliable charging, the Glanz USB C to C Cable is an essential digital lifestyle companion.

This cable is very similar to the Rode SC27 cable but at 1 meter long. It can charge 20v – 60watt and transfers up to 10Gbps

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