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  • LED Qty: 312pcs
  • Weight: 350g
  • Output Power: 18.72W
  • Colour Temperature: 3200K – 5600K
  • Beam Angle: 60 degree
  • Dimension: 190x1150x350mm
  • Battery charger included.


In stock


Glanz LED 312AS Constant Video Light

Illuminate Your Creativity with Precision

Elevate your photography and videography with the Glanz LED 312AS Constant Video Light, a cutting-edge companion designed for impeccable lighting control. Tailored to meet the demands of camcorders and digital cameras, this LED light source is your key to unlocking new dimensions in visual storytelling.

With 312 high-performance LED bulbs, experience continuous, cool, and soft brightness that transforms every shot. Powered by 2 NP-F550 type batteries, enjoy approximately 100 minutes of uninterrupted runtime, ensuring you capture every moment without interruption.

Conquer low-light challenges effortlessly as the Glanz LED 312AS eliminates red-eye and enhances focus, delivering crystal-clear images in any environment. The step-less brightness adjustment, from 10% to 100%, puts precise control at your fingertips, ensuring every frame is perfectly lit.

Customize the color temperature to your liking with the adjustable step-less color feature, seamlessly ranging from 3200K to 5600K. Achieve the ideal ambiance, whether you prefer warm or cool tones, with the Glanz LED 312AS.

Versatility is at your fingertips with the included removable magnetic diffuser, providing an extra soft light output for that professional touch. Securely attach to tripods using the 1/4″ screw mount, ensuring stability and flexibility in your shooting setups.

The detachable hot shoe mount, accompanied by the included ball head, offers convenience and adaptability. Effortlessly position your lighting exactly where you need it for the perfect shot. For extended shooting sessions, the AC battery charger adaptor provides an alternative power source, ensuring continuous operation.

Elevate your visual storytelling with the Glanz LED 312AS Constant Video Light—a reliable partner for exceptional lighting, superior control, and unmatched creativity. Illuminate your passion with Glanz, where innovation meets illumination.

Key Features:

  • 312 high-performance LED bulbs
  • Approximately 100 minutes of uninterrupted runtime
  • Step-less brightness adjustment (10% to 100%)
  • Adjustable step-less color temperature (3200K to 5600K)
  • Removable magnetic diffuser for extra soft light
  • 1/4″ screw mount for stable tripod attachment
  • Detachable hot shoe mount and included ball head for flexibility
  • AC battery charger adaptor for extended shooting sessions


“Illuminate your creativity with the Glanz LED 312AS Constant Video Light. High-performance LEDs, adjustable color temperature, and versatile accessories for superior lighting control. Your key to unmatched visual storytelling.”


The Glanz LED 312AS Constant Video Light is not just a lighting tool; it’s your reliable partner for exceptional visual storytelling. With precision control over brightness, color temperature, and versatile accessories, this light source empowers you to bring your creative vision to life. Illuminate your passion with Glanz, where innovation meets illumination.

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