Fujifilm DVD -RAM for Data 4.7GB


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  • 4.7gb capacity
  • for data
  • designated surface for writing with pen
  • non cartridge type


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Fujifilm DVD-RAM for Data 4.7GB Non-Cartridge Type

Unleashing Data Storage Efficiency

Experience top-tier data storage with the Fujifilm DVD-RAM for Data 4.7GB, a non-cartridge type disc that combines high capacity, defect correction, and random access capabilities. Tailored for optimal performance, this DVD-RAM stands out as a reliable solution for preserving your valuable data.

With a substantial 4.7GB capacity, this DVD-RAM ensures ample space for your digital archives, making it an ideal choice for businesses, professionals, and enthusiasts seeking efficient and secure data storage. Whether you’re archiving documents, multimedia files, or backups, the expansive capacity of this disc accommodates your diverse storage needs.

One of the standout features is the defect correction technology embedded in the Fujifilm DVD-RAM. This advanced feature enhances data integrity by automatically correcting errors, ensuring that your stored information remains accurate and accessible over time. Say goodbye to data corruption concerns, as the defect correction mechanism elevates the reliability of this storage solution.

Random access capability sets this DVD-RAM apart from traditional storage media. Enjoy swift and direct access to specific data points without the need to scan through the entire disc. This attribute is particularly valuable for applications that require quick data retrieval, contributing to enhanced efficiency in your workflow.

The color series adds a touch of vibrancy to the Fujifilm DVD-RAM, simplifying the organization of your media collection. Easily categorize and identify different types of data with the color-coded discs, streamlining your storage and retrieval processes.

Designed as a non-cartridge type, this DVD-RAM ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, offering flexibility in its usage. Seamlessly integrate it into your existing hardware setup and experience the convenience of a versatile storage solution.


The Fujifilm DVD-RAM for Data 4.7GB delivers a trifecta of high capacity, defect correction, and random access, making it an exceptional choice for efficient and reliable data storage. Effortlessly organize, archive, and access digital assets with this non-cartridge type DVD-RAM. It meets diverse needs for modern data management.

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