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Falcon Eyes Pro LED Ring Light DVR-160



Falcon Eyes Pro LED Ring Light DVR-160

The Falcon Eyes DVR ring light – series is designed for portrait photography and cinematography. They are equipped with soft a light diffuser which can lower glare and reflections. They’re designed in circular ring light shape for a better fill of lighting on your subject
4 modes of lighting to create different effects, 
adjustable 3200K – 5600K colour temperature and compatible to both AC and DC power supply. (battery system sold seperatly)

DVR-160TVC is built with SMD LED technology, same power output but with less LEDs and hence less heat generated.

We recommend this product for video blogging, porttraits and make up tutorials.


Model: DVR-512DVC DVR-160TVC
Color Temperature: 3000K – 5600K
CRI: 95+
Power: 32W
Voltage: 14.8V 5A
Inner Diameter: 36.5cm
Outer Diameter: 49.5cm
Net Weight: 1.5KG
Accessories Included: Camera bracket, AC Adaptor