Drone Landing Pad – 75cm (Drone NOT included)


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  • Landing Pad for Drones
  • Reflective strips for landing at night
  • Red & Blue coloured pad


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Drone Landing Pad

Introducing the 75cm Drone Landing Pad, a game-changer for drone operators seeking a reliable and efficient landing solution. Whether you’re a recreational drone pilot or a professional capturing aerial footage, this landing pad is designed to enhance your operations by providing a dedicated space for safe and precise landings.

Generous 75cm Diameter:

The landing pad boasts a spacious 75cm diameter, offering ample space for a variety of drone models. This generous size ensures that your drone touches down on a stable surface, reducing the risk of tipping or instability during the landing process. It’s the perfect platform for both compact and larger drones.

High-Visibility Design:

Designed with safety in mind, the landing pad features high-visibility markings in a contrasting pattern. The bold design enhances visibility for both manual and automated landings, allowing for greater accuracy, especially in challenging lighting conditions. This feature is particularly beneficial for drone operators working in various environments.

Protective Surface for Your Drone:

The landing pad provides a protective surface that shields your drone from debris, dust, and uneven terrain during takeoff and landing. By creating a designated area, you minimize the risk of damaging delicate components, such as propellers and sensors, ensuring that your drone remains in optimal condition for every flight.

Portable and Easy to Use:

Crafted with portability in mind, the 75cm landing pad is easy to fold and carry in the included compact carrying bag. Whether you’re on a hiking adventure, exploring urban landscapes, or capturing aerial footage in remote locations, this landing pad is a convenient accessory that adds minimal weight to your setup.

Secure Ground Anchor Points:

The landing pad is equipped with ground anchor points to secure it firmly in place during windy conditions. This stability is crucial for maintaining a safe landing environment and preventing the landing pad from becoming a hazard in unpredictable weather.

Versatile Applications:

Whether you’re piloting a DJI Mavic, a Phantom, or another model, the 75cm landing pad is versatile enough to accommodate various drone sizes and shapes. Its adaptability makes it a valuable accessory for drone operators with different equipment preferences.

In conclusion:

The 75cm Landing Pad is an indispensable accessory for enthusiasts and professionals seeking a reliable and efficient solution for safe landings. With features like a generous diameter, high-visibility design, protective surface, portability, durable construction, ground anchor points, and versatility. Enhances your overall experience. Elevate your drone landings with confidence – invest in the 75cm Drone Landing Pad today and ensure a smooth and secure landing every time

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