Digitech Emergency Solar & Dynamo AM/FM Radio


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  • AM/FM radio
  • USB Charging
  • Power Bank function
  • Dynamo crank
  • Torch
  • Emergency alarm
  • Solar Charging


In stock


Digitech Emergency Solar & Dynamo AM/FM Radio

Your Reliable Lifeline in Critical Moments

Prepare for the unexpected with the Digitech Emergency Solar & Dynamo AM/FM Radio – a versatile and essential tool for emergency situations. This multifunctional device ensures you stay connected and informed during power outages or emergencies, offering features such as a dynamo crank backup power source, USB charging, emergency siren, flashlight/torch, SOS distress alarm, 2W LED reading lamp, and the ability to act as a power bank when needed.

Key Features:

Dynamo Crank Backup Power Source: The Digitech Emergency Radio features a dynamo crank, providing a reliable backup power source. Crank it up to ensure you have access to critical functions even when conventional power is unavailable.

USB Charging: Charge the radio with a USB cable.

Emergency Siren: The built-in emergency siren serves as an alert signal, providing an additional layer of safety and ensuring you can attract attention in urgent situations.

Flashlight/Torch: Illuminate your surroundings with the powerful built-in flashlight/torch. Navigate through darkness during power outages or use it as a signaling tool in emergencies.

SOS Distress Alarm: In critical situations, the SOS distress alarm becomes a lifeline. Activate it to signal for help and alert others to your location.

2W LED Reading Lamp: The Digitech Radio is equipped with a 2W LED reading lamp, offering a practical solution for reading or performing tasks in low-light conditions.

Solar Charging: Built in Solar Panels act as another backup power source.

Acts as Power Bank: Not just a radio, the Digitech device doubles as a power bank. Charge your devices on the go, ensuring your essential gadgets are ready when you need them.

Additional Information:

Designed with versatility and functionality in mind, the Digitech Emergency Solar & Dynamo AM/FM Radio is an all-in-one solution for emergency preparedness. Its compact design makes it easy to store, and its array of features ensures you’re ready for any unforeseen event.


In conclusion, the Digitech Emergency Solar & Dynamo AM/FM Radio is more than just a radio; it’s a lifeline in critical moments. With its dynamo crank, USB charging, emergency siren, flashlight, distress alarm, LED reading lamp, and power bank capabilities, it ensures you are well-equipped to face unexpected challenges. Make the Digitech Emergency Radio an essential part of your emergency preparedness kit.

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