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Craftright 100mm 3x Magnifying Glass


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  • Chrome plated steel rim
  • Magnifies x 3
  • Ideal for reading fine print
  • Thermo plastic handle


In stock


Craftright 100mm 3x Magnifying Glass

Introducing the Craftright 100mm 3x Magnifying Glass—a tool that enhances your vision and brings tiny details to life. Whether you’re a hobbyist, professional, or simply appreciate the beauty of small things, this magnifying glass provides clear magnification and ensures effortless readability.

The Craftright 100mm 3x Magnifying Glass boasts a 100mm lens with 3x magnification, making objects appear three times larger and more detailed. Dive into your projects and examine small print with ease. The lens, crafted from high-quality optical glass, ensures clarity and minimal distortion.

Designed with a lightweight and ergonomic build, this magnifying glass offers comfortable handling. Its handle provides a secure grip, allowing for extended use without straining your hand. Rest assured, the durable construction guarantees long-lasting reliability.

From arts and crafts to inspections and reading, the Craftright 100mm 3x Magnifying Glass proves to be a versatile companion. Perfect for examining stamps, coins, jewelry, maps, and intricate artworks, it caters to collectors, enthusiasts, and professionals alike.

Invest in the Craftright 100mm 3x Magnifying Glass today and experience clarity and detail like never before. Let it be your reliable companion for projects or appreciating life’s finer details, delivering exceptional performance and an immersive viewing experience.

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