Brinno Weather Resistant Housing


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  • Made for Brinno TLC200 Pro
  • useful for long timelapses


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Brinno Weather Resistant Housing

Protecting Your TLC200 Pro for Time-Lapse Excellence

Ensure the longevity and durability of your Brinno TLC200 Pro with the purpose-built Brinno Weather Resistant Housing. Tailor-made for the TLC200 Pro, this housing serves as a robust shield against the elements, allowing you to embark on extended time-lapse projects with confidence and peace of mind.

Key Features:

1. Tailored for Brinno TLC200 Pro:

  • Crafted specifically for the TLC200 Pro time-lapse camera, the Weather Resistant Housing provides a snug and secure fit. Its precise design ensures compatibility and protection, allowing your TLC200 Pro to withstand diverse weather conditions.

2. Weather Resistance for Long Time-Lapse Projects:

  • Extend your time-lapse endeavors with this Weather Resistant Housing. Designed to be resilient in various weather scenarios, this housing enables you to capture the passage of time over extended durations without compromising the integrity of your TLC200 Pro.

3. Robust Protection:

  • Shield your TLC200 Pro from rain, wind, dust, and other environmental factors that could potentially affect its performance. The housing’s durable construction adds a layer of defense, safeguarding your investment and allowing you to focus on creating captivating time-lapse sequences.

4. Seamless Integration:

  • The Weather Resistant Housing seamlessly integrates with the TLC200 Pro, maintaining access to essential controls and functions. This thoughtful design ensures that your camera remains fully operational while being shielded from external elements.



The Brinno Weather Resistant Housing is a vital companion for TLC200 Pro users engaged in prolonged time-lapse projects. Offering tailored compatibility, robust protection against diverse weather conditions, and seamless integration, this housing extends the capabilities of your TLC200 Pro. With the assurance of weather resistance, you can trust your camera to deliver exceptional time-lapse sequences over extended durations. Elevate your time-lapse storytelling with the Brinno Weather Resistant Housing and capture the unfolding beauty of time with confidence and precision.

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