Brinno Pan Lapse


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  • made for brinno timelapse cameras
  • 360 degree rotation in 1 hour
  • non-slip pads


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Brinno Pan Lapse

Revolutionize Your Time-Lapses

Upgrade your time-lapse game with the Brinno Pan Lapse, a purpose-built rotating platform designed to add captivating motion to your time-lapse sequences. Packed with innovative features, the Pan Lapse opens up new possibilities for creative storytelling in your visual projects.

Key Features:

1. Non-Slip Pads:

  • The Pan Lapse is equipped with non-slip pads, ensuring a stable and secure grip on any surface. Whether you’re setting up on a tabletop or an outdoor environment, these pads provide the traction needed for reliable and uninterrupted time-lapse captures.

2. Tailored for Brinno Time-Lapse Cameras:

  • Designed specifically for Brinno cameras, the Pan Lapse offers seamless compatibility and integration. This tailored design enhances the user experience, providing a hassle-free setup that maximizes the potential of your Brinno camera.

3. 360-Degree Rotation in 1 Hour:

  • Enjoy dynamic and mesmerizing time-lapse sequences with the Pan Lapse’s 360-degree rotation capability. In just one hour, this timed rotating platform completes a full rotation, adding a captivating dimension to your time-lapse videos. Showcase your subject from every angle with this automated and efficient rotation.



The Brinno Pan Lapse redefines time-lapse photography by introducing dynamic motion to your visual narratives. With non-slip pads ensuring stability, tailored compatibility with Brinno time-lapse cameras, and a 360-degree rotation completed in just one hour, this accessory opens up a world of creative possibilities. Whether you’re capturing landscapes, construction projects, or creative endeavors, the Pan Lapse adds a compelling layer to your time-lapse storytelling. Elevate your photography with the Pan Lapse and unlock a new realm of visual exploration.

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