BOYA BY-M1DM Dual Lavalier Microphone


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  • Clip-on lapel microphone for Smartphones, cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, tablets,and other audio/video recording devices
  • Versatile dual microphone setup
  • Extended 4m cable for flexible placement
  • Wide compatibility with various devices
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern for clear audio capture
  • Includes carrying pouch


In stock


BOYA BY-M1DM Dual Lavalier:

Elevate Your Audio, Double Your Impact

Unleash the power of crystal-clear audio with the BOYA BY-M1DM, a Dual Lavalier Universal Microphone designed for versatility and exceptional sound quality. Whether you’re conducting interviews, presenting, podcasting, or recording webcasts, this dual microphone setup is your ticket to professional-grade audio capture.

Dual Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphones:

Equipped with two high-performance omnidirectional lavalier microphones, the BY-M1DM ensures precise and clear audio capture. Ideal for scenarios where more than one subject needs to be recorded, this dual setup provides flexibility and convenience.

Extended Cable Length:

With a generous 4m (13′) cable, including 2.8m (9.2′) of distance between each microphone, the BY-M1DM offers freedom of movement for comfortable placement. Whether you’re conducting interviews or recording dynamic presentations, the extended cable length enhances your recording experience.

Wide Compatibility:

The BY-M1DM is a universal microphone, compatible with smartphones, DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs, tablets, and various audio/video recording devices. Its versatile design ensures seamless integration with your preferred recording equipment.

Omnidirectional Polar Pattern:

Benefit from the omnidirectional polar pattern that captures sound from all directions. Even if a subject turns their head while speaking, the BY-M1DM delivers consistent and excellent off-axis response, maintaining the clarity of your audio.

Hands-Free Operation:

Included tie clips enable hands-free use, making it perfect for interviews, presentations, or any situation where freedom of movement is crucial. Focus on your content while the BY-M1DM takes care of delivering superior audio quality.


In conclusion, the BOYA BY-M1DM Dual Lavalier Microphone redefines the standards for audio capture in diverse scenarios. Whether you’re conducting interviews, hosting presentations, or engaging in podcasts, the dual omnidirectional microphones ensure superior sound quality. With an extended 4m cable offering flexibility in placement and wide compatibility with various devices, the BY-M1DM is the go-to choice for professionals and content creators who prioritize exceptional audio in their recordings. Elevate your audio, double your impact with the BOYA BY-M1DM.


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