Samyang 20mm F 1.8 UMC II Canon Mount


The Samyang 20mm f1.8 ED AS UMC is built quite solid much like the rest of Samyang’s line up. Typical Samyang build of aluminium alloy, plastic and metal lens mount that is quite good at the price point, I believe they are doing a great job here. I’ve pointed out in the past that I don’t like the feel of the plastic aperture ring, but it’s a personal preference and it’s never caused me a problem in use, or anyone else that I’ve heard of for that matter. The aperture ring in use clicks into position nicely.

Focus ring is smooth with a rubber grip and includes a distance scale. I like the feel of the smooth focus with some resistance, think old school film lens.

Included in the box is a cloth lens bag, the norm for all Samyang lenses and keeps your lens dust and scratch free, a detachable petal lens hood that looks great and does the job intended. Also included is front and rear lens caps, the front being a centre pinch type, nice!