Nitecore Tube UV

  • Introducing Nitecore Tube UV: Your go-to outdoor and camping partner
  • Compact LED ultraviolet flashlight, just 56.5 mm long and 9.6 g light
  • Easily fits in pocket or attaches to backpack; 21 mm head for precision
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery: 1 hour and 0.04 days max runtime
  • Powerful ultraviolet LED for gear, item, and wildlife illumination
  • Ideal for outdoor activities; reliable and enduring battery
  • Elevate your adventure with Nitecore Tube UV: Compact, lightweight, rechargeable
  • Embrace modern convenience; trusty companion for unmatched illumination


Nitecore Tube UV


Introducing the Nitecore Tube UV – your ideal outdoor and camping companion. This compact LED ultraviolet flashlight redefines convenience. At just 56.5 mm long and 9.6 g light, it slips into your pocket or attaches to your backpack effortlessly. The 21 mm head ensures precise control.

No more battery swaps – the rechargeable Li-ion battery offers 1 hour and 0.04 days of max runtime. Illuminate gear, find lost items, or study wildlife with its powerful ultraviolet LED.

Tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, the Tube UV shines in various activities. Trust its reliability and long-lasting battery.

Elevate your outdoor experience with the Tube UV. Embrace modern convenience and enhance your adventures with this compact, lightweight, and rechargeable UV flashlight – your trusted companion for unmatched illumination.


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Max Runtime 1 h 0 m / 0.04 d
LED Ultraviolet
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion
Length 56.5 mm / 2.22 in
Head Size 21 mm / 0.82 in
Weight 9.6 g / 0.33 oz
Feature Rechargeable
Activity Outdoor/Camping