Nitecore Thumb

  • Nitecore Thumb: Compact, powerful flashlight
  • 85 lumens, 26m beam
  • Rechargeable Li-ion, 22hr runtime
  • Unique modes: beacon, red light
  • Lightweight (25g), user-friendly
  • Clarity and confidence in your hand


Nitecore Thumb


Discover the Nitecore Thumb – Your Compact Lighting Solution!

Meet the Thumb – a powerful flashlight that fits in your hand. Perfect for adventurers and gear enthusiasts, this compact tool is your ultimate companion.

With 85 lumens, the Thumb lights up your surroundings. It reaches 26 meters with its beam, revealing every detail. The advanced LED technology ensures consistent illumination.

Powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, the Thumb is eco-friendly and practical. It lasts 22 hours, perfect for long journeys. Compact at 74mm and lightweight at 25g, it’s a portable addition to your gear.

The Thumb has unique modes: a location beacon and a red caution light. Signal your location or create a safe zone. The white light guarantees visibility, and the user-friendly interface is simple to operate.

Designed for the best experience, the Thumb combines functionality and convenience. Whether outdoors or in need of reliable light, it’s your go-to tool. Embrace clarity and confidence with the Nitecore Thumb. Gear up and explore today!


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Max Output 85 lumens
Max Beam Distance 26 m
Max Beam Intensity 170 cd
Max Runtime 22 h 0 m / 0.91 d
LED High performance LEDs
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion
Special Modes Location Beacon, Red Caution Light
Beam color White Light
Length 74 mm / 2.91 in
Head Size 24 mm / 0.94 in
Weight 25 g / 0.88 oz
Feature Rechargeable
Activity Gear, Search