Nikon Pajero A-20 Model Toy Promo from Approx 1990

Unique Gift Idea

Nikon Promo from approx 1990

Toy Model that can be built

Complete in box

Come with one already built



This a promo that Nikon did approx 1990. It is a Model toy car that you build. It come with Nikon branding on the box and transfer stickers that you can stick on the car. It will be supplied with a complete new one in a box that you can build if you want. Plus it will supplied with one that has already been built so you can keep the new as new

This is a gift that would be very hard to duplicate. Only one available


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※This item is secondhand and sold in as-is condition, so please expect some minor stains/damage on both the package and contents. ※ actual product condition may differ slightly from the image. ※ With regard to vintage goods, (box of desperation, individual differences due to the deterioration in the aging main item of color ・ scratch ・ stained ・ decal ( sticker pain of)) will occur. Please purchase on the sufficient assent. ※ Box has been resealed With regard to product that has been described as is, maker for inspection by the Opened we have become a thing that has been is taped again. Among the Unused is.